Daily Living Skills Program Update

Finally, :princess: I spoke to the teacher of the daily living skills program that I mentioned in my first post. It is too late for difficult child 2 to join the class this year as it ends in May. There is a summer component but its only for the kids who are already in the program.

However, I really enjoyed talking to her. We must have talked for over half an hour!!! I'm going to meet with her in July, and if after visiting the school, if I want difficult child 2 to attend, he can start in September.

She made me feel so much better!!! Prior to speaking to her, I was beginning to loose it big time because, after months and months and months, etc. of practicing, difficult child 2 still forgets to wet the bar of soap when he is trying to take his own shower. As a result, he can't get enough of a lather to clean himself. This usually results in total frustration, and you got it, a "tantrum"!!!

The teacher gave me some really helpful suggestions for difficult child 2. She said problems with self-care are more common than I think. She said she just ordered a book to help kids like difficult child 2 with baths, teeth brushing, etc...

She gave me some good advice on things I need to do now in order to help difficult child 2 transition from high school into the workplace. And, he hasn't even started high school yet! When I'm less tired, I'll be asking all of you with more experience than me, for help.

Anyway, right now I'm just so :smile: happy that I may have found a place to start. I have a feeling this is going to be a long, hard journey... I need to put on my :warrior: attire!!! WFEN

timer lady

Queen of Hearts
I'm glad that you are once again feeling hope. It's amazing when you find a treatment plan or different environment that caters to your difficult children special needs - the load off your shoulders. The support you tend to get from those working with your difficult child.

Thanks for sharing - keep that armor shined up. The program will start sooner than you think! :warrior: