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    How are things going at home with difficult child and Ms. Ally and the MST?
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    Hi K--

    Thanks for thinking of me....

    Things at home are at a standstill due to some family issues for Ms Ally. She hasn't been available to work with us.


    Our idiot caseworker from the state is STILL "working on" getting services.

    At this rate, difficult child will be living in a retirement home before she gets the kind of help she truly needs!
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    Oh- Ms. Ally has family problems?? Gee, maybe YOu could give HER some advice. LOL!

    I understand the feeling- I figured out a couple of years ago that my son would age out of the juvenile system before he had any hope at all of getting a service that could possibly help him. Somehitng "magical" happens once the people in the system view the kid as an adult. Suddenly, on that day, it all becomes the kid's responsiblity and the parents aren't blamed anymore. Let's just hope our difficult children aren't thrown into adult court prior to getting something then. I feel for you and do try to keep up with how things are going for you, even if I don't always reply to your threads.
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    I was thinking about you as well DF - many hugs............