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    You guys ok? Those were some wicked storms that went through your area yesterday evening.
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    ((hugs)) Skeeter

    Thanks for thinking of me. Yep, those were some gawd awful storms. Nichole was at boyfriend's house and camped out in their basement for the duration. easy child called me the first time the sirens sounded to ask if they'd gone off....she lives on the outskirts of town now and can't always hear them. husband had the weather on and I told her to get the boys to the basement.

    I know it's not safe but I kept on the phone with easy child to keep her updated. Everytime they said it was safe another storm cell was right there and she had to stay put.

    We had no damage. Missed us, hit everywhere around us. If easy child had gone into work she'd have seen one of the tornados cuz it was right by the hospital. Scared my girls to death.

    Me......I just sat in the livingroom chatting with easy child on the phone to keep her from panicking while drawing and having husband give me updates. lol Tornadoes don't scare me, I've been in too many of them. I don't even bother to go to the basement anymore.

    Did you guys get any action last night??