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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Apr 30, 2009.

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    difficult child's iep actually went well today even though we still aren't completely done (should have figured we couldn't get it done in one meeting).

    difficult child sat in for a bit. He had to share a strength, goal, and need.

    He said his strength was video games and P.E.

    He listed about every subject for his goals, and his need was he needs adult help with reading during classes.

    Then he got to go play on the computer and we continued the meeting.

    They had so many good things to say about difficult child.

    I asked if they thought difficult child needed a social skills goal. They truly didn't. They said he needs help dealing with social problems that arise but that he appropriately plays with other kids, greets them appropriately. They said other kids don't mind being in groups with him. In fact today he was in a group with two high students and gave a right answer.

    It's good to know he is trying so hard. We have the goals set and next meeting will work on objectives and updating the BIP (not much will change in the BIP). I also like that this year's team thinks next year's team should have training on how to deal with difficult child appropriately.

    Honestly it is the best IEP of difficult child's I have ever been at. Everyone recognizes he has a long ways to go but it was so positive that I left with such a good feeling.

    Now...if we could only see more of that at home.
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    That sounds really encouraging! I am glad that difficult child is doing so well at school.....atta boy!
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    It's such a good feeling when others can see good in our difficult child'S too. Very encouraging and nice to see some of yours and difficult child's hard work actually paying off.
  4. ML

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    I am so happy to hear a positive update. It's much easier to work on goals and areas of needed improvement when your strengths are recognized. Way cool! ML
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    Excellent news about the IEP meeting!!! I've got my fingers crossed that the finished IEP is exactly what you want and the staff follows through...

    As for home, I know that feeling all too well... My difficult children keep it together at school, (in my humble opinion, the staff ignores difficult child 2's bad behaviors), and lose it at home:mad:. Some things never seem to change...

    Anyway, I hope your difficult child lets you enjoy a calm, disaster free weekend!!! WFEN