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  1. Hound dog

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    I dunno what I'm going to do about Mr Rowdy man. (he's my outside dog) We've had him back in his kennel since sister in law fixed the door, back when it started getting really cold. He did just fine and no escapes.

    In the past 3 days everytime I look Mr Rowdy is out of his kennel. If he's not knocking on the front door, he's standing at the back yard gate or sleeping in the yard near the shed. :tongue: No. Mr Rowdy does not run away. He merely gallivants the neighborhood. Except I don't want him jaunting all over the neighborhood, and God forbid getting into trouble.

    I don't know how he's getting out. I placed in dog house in the center of the kennel because he was using it as a launching off point to go over the top. Like I said, sister in law repaired the door. And we've looked for "holes"......places that he's stretched the chain link away from the bottom of the kennel. If one's there, we can't find it. On those that are there, they are wrapped in chain and tied back together. No way can he get thru.

    Right now he's back on his lead because Nichole walked out to start her car and found him standing by the gate happily wagging his tail and grinning at her. (yes, Rowdy has a killer smile)

    I don't want him on his lead. The yard is turning to muck with him on his lead, which means he's soggy, muddy and wet most of the time. And this is not a good thing for a sweet old boy. (he's 10)

    husband and I were going to get him straw for his kennel today. But there isn't much point if I can't keep him inside. It looks like I'm going to have to look at what chicken wire costs and hope it's not much. But I'm having a hard time believing his jumping his kennel these days.

    I'd love to bring him inside. He loves the girls. But Betsy would go nuts and my house wouldn't be standing after a week of her trying to play with her Daddy inside.:(

    I think the cold is really getting to him this year. He's actually been trying to come inside. Something he normally doesn't do. So I've got to figure out the problem with the kennel so I can get his straw spread around and inside his dog house to help keep him warm. Then I'm going to order him one of those thermal bed thingies that reflect his body heat.

    Don't know what else to do for him.
  2. Fran

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    Have you tried an old blanket and pillow for him to curl up on?
    Is he kennel trained?
    Could you bring his kennel in the house only at night since it is bitterly cold?
    Maybe baby gate one room for him at night. Or maybe at least on the porch in kennel where he may feels secure.
    I don't know the rules in your area but any untethered dog loose in the neighborhood gets picked up. Dogs can only be leash free in their own yard. It's why I'm terrified when one of mine slinks off but they stay in the woods from what I can tell. They haven't done it since the fence went up.

    Poor guy. At 10yrs old, he should be resting up all night instead of wandering around. Maybe he found a spot where he is warm and comes back in the AM for his food. Just a thought.
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    Lisa, if he's ten years old, he may have arthritis that could be made more painful by the cold. I don't have many suggestions. Is there anywhere you could keep him where he wouldnt be out in the cold but could be separated from the other dogs?
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    The only way I can bring him inside for any length of time is by putting him in the large dog crate I have for him. If I were to bring him in everynight, I'd have to bathe him every night be cause the yard is so darn mucky right now. And while Rowdy is fairly cooperative with bathing, I'd doubt he'd tolerate it every night. lol I use the inside crate for him when it's super cold. I keep him in the kitchen on those nights.

    I can't simply gate him into a room because the gate wouldn't stop him. He'd go right over it. Which is why he has a 6 foot kennel outside. sigh

    If Aubrey wasn't living here, I'd consider just bringing him inside period. He house trained himself years ago. But Betsy won't leave him alone and the dogs running around, well...Aubrey would probably get plowed over all the time. With the two largish girls inside it's crowded. If Rowdy was in too, it would be even more so. He's not a small dog.

    We've got Darrin's birthday party this afternoon. After that, I'm making husband go with me to look at chicken wire and get some straw. I've got to get something set up for him this weekend. We have a storm supposed to be on the way. I'll also have to pick up a couple of tarps for the top of his kennel. The wind ripped the old ones away yesterday.

    Oh.......just had an idea. I wonder what that heavy wire garden fencing costs?? I could wrap and attach that around the bottom of the kennel to make sure he can't get thru any weak spots. If it's not too expensive.

    This is my Hero guy. He doesn't deserve to be miserable. I've got to come up with something. :(
  5. mom_in_training

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    I have seen that people in snowy regions use bales of hay to aid in insulating kennels. I saw a show on Animal Planet and thought that it was a great idea. They just surrounded the outer part of the kennel with the bales is all.