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    I mailed difficult child a card with 10 3x5 photos in it last Tues. morning. He never received them and I assumed the photos didn't pass Department of Juvenile Justice's screening. But I just got the unopened envelope back with a sticker that says "returned for "17" postage". Does that mean I owe 17cents in postage? I didn't think it weighed much. I can't believe it took the post office a week to put that sticker on and return it- I mailed this directly at the post office that delivers mail to my house.

    And- I use the Forever stamps- aren't they supposed to cover any increase in postage costs?
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    The Post Office can be SUCH a PITA.

    We have the forever stamps up here as well. They cover increases in standard letter-mail postage, such as the increase from $0.52 to $0.53 that we just had. However, for an overweight or oversized package, we still have to pay extra.

    If the photos you sent bumped up the envelope over the weight limit for standard mail, then there would be an extra charge, likely the $0.17 that the post office is referring to.

    Given that you sent the letter from the post office though, you'd think they might have taken the time to weigh it and let you know that there would be extra charges at the time, rather than letting it go through all the rigmarole of overweight - return-to-sender - etc.

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    Did you hand it to a postal worker, or did you put it in the box at the post office? A postal worker should have recognized that it was over an ounce and asked for the 17 cents at the time. Everything is automated these days, so anything that is not properly posted has to be hand sifted from everything else and a week seems about right, as there was a postal holiday last week.

    Do you have a kitchen scales at home? Anything over an ounce or odd sized will be more than standard postage. You can look up the cost to mail any letter or package at

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    I guess I should have weighed it- if I'd thought it was even close, I would have. Anyway, I don't mind paying extra, I just hate that a week was wasted.
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    I sent a birthday card to my aunt in New York and another one just like it to my aunt in California. If I mail them here and they need extra postage I get a note in my mailbox and they take care of it and send them on. No note. About two weeks later, I got the one back from New York saying I needed extra postage. Obviously it went all the way there and then was returned. The aunt in California got hers fine; no postage due, nothing. I think some of these people are just on a power trip and are trying to rattle our cages.
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    I really wonder what goes on there sometimes! I sent out my Christmas cards about two weeks before Christmas, including one to my nephew and his wife who had been living in Georgia. He's an officer in the Navy and I didn't know it at the time but he had just been reassigned and they moved back to Virginia a short while before Christmas. I got their card back ... in late FEBRUARY! Now I serious doubt that Naval officers living in military housing just pack up and move, leaving no forwarding address and nobody knows where they are! :mad: