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    I am a newbie to this site and don't even know what a difficult child is! :anxious: My 20 yr old daughter just "graduated" from a 6 week rehab hospital and is now in a women's recovery house in Georgia for at least a year. I came across this site tonight and really would love support from other parents of teenage/young adult alcoholics and addicts! I am OK right now but know that we have a long road ahead! I would love to chat with others that have been there or are in the same situation! Also, how do I find out what the abbreviations stand for?
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    Hi Pink Flamingo,

    difficult child stands for "gift from God" they are the children we are struggling with...a easy child is a "perfect child" they're our children that get along fine in the world, no addiction or mental illness issues.

    Pink I have 2 young adult Alcoholics/Addicts that I love. My oldest has been "dry" this time for around 4 months. My young difficult child is still using and is of great concern to me right now. Both have been using for close to 10 yrs now. We have gone through drug rehab hospitals various types of schools jail prison etc...it's been a long road.

    Curious of when your daughters usage began and what types of drugs she abused? Also interested in any mental illness diagnosis...my young difficult child has bipolar disorder like myself but sigh is not taking any mood stabilizing medication. He keeps getting ahold of antidepressants and anti anxiety medications that are all wrong for his mental illness.

    Wonderful that your daughter is in the process of recovery...do you attend Al Anon? I have found it also very helpful in addition to our Conduct Disorders board. I know you will love this site...so many who have traveled same road as you and can offer great support.

    Welcome to the board,
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    Welcome! I have a difficult child that will be 18 and she is an addict. Crystal meth is her doctor. I live in Georgia - it is beautiful down here!!
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    Hi Pink Flamingo,

    You have come to the right place as there are several of us here in similar situations. You might also want to read the Parent Emeritus board which is for parents of adult children... My son is 19 and was in rehab out of state starting October of last year. He did 90 days and then went to a sober house.He was there. He was there until April when he decided he wanted to come back to this area.... be with his girlfriend. This was all against our wishes....he also had a relapse, although it sounds like he is clean now. So he is up here has a job and is trying to work out where he is going Occupational Therapist (OT) live etc. We will not let him come and live with home because we have a 15 year old easy child daughter and it would not be good for her to have him back in the house. I don't like where he is staying as there are some bad influences there but I do like his girlfriend...... so right now things could go either way. I agree with Star... if you haven't already find a good Alanon group. I have found a parents group which I love and has been enormously helpful to me.
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    Welcome PF. I have a 19 year old daughter that spent last summer in a residential treatment program and came home and relapsed. We kicked her out of the house in February and she was living with a friend and drinking and smoking pot constantly. She lost her job, her friends, her family and most of her possessions. She even began dancing in a strip club. Finally at the end of March she begged to come home and we said no but thatshe coudl find a recovery program and we would support that. She is now living in a sober houser and has just completed 40 days of sobriety. She will be there from 6 months to a year and attends meetings all day every day, either in the house or outside AA meetings. After the initial two week restriction she was able to have family visits on Sunday 12-5. Those visits have been going very well and I have never seen her so happy or focused in my life.

    Like you we have gone through a lot over these years, too painful to even remember right now. But we are hoping this time she is getting the tools she needs to liver a sober life. We have been through enough relapses to know it can all end in a split second, but for now we are happy she is in recovery.

    The only way I kept my sanity through everything was these wonderful members here who have been where I was. They held me up and encouraged me when I needed it and never gave up hope.

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    hi and welcome........ you've found a great place........ sorry you had to find us though.

    hoping your daughter continues her recovery, sounds very promising.

    ((hugs))) hang in there and welcome again
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    Hi and welcome. I have a 16 year old daughter with multiple dxs. Her drug of choice is marijuana. She has tried drinking and on her last run (this is her worst behavior) she was positive for coccaine. She is currently in a DBT rsidential setting with a stayed order from the judge that if she screws up, she'll go to secure care until age 21 (this is jevenile prison basically). She has had an 18 month private residential stay, a therapeutic home for 2 months with day treatment and before all this 2 years of therapy. She has been raped and molested thus the PTSD. She doesn't seem to want to heal-just play the game to get out of programs.
    Yes it is a long road. Last night at parent group we were told the trick is to love and support them, but to not get attached to the outcomes of a program. The kids have to own that part and we have little control. Sigh! Hope all goes well for your daughter. Keep us posted and share. It helps us all.
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    Welcome. I have a daughter who has 13 days clean. She is attenidng Na/AA, substance abuse counseling, p-doctor and has a behavior analyst she is finshing . Currently she is finshing up a teen court program and her last few weeks of high school. She still has to pass two drug tests. Her DOCs (drugs of choice) are marajuna and alcohol. I get a lot of support from Al-anon, Nami, and FA (familes anon). Compassion
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    Up for Pink Flamingo
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    PF--I see you are from SC---as am I. I have lots of experience with the recovery process---both my soon to be ex and my middle son---are both addicts---hopefully they are both in recovery right now. If you have any questions about help in SC let me know. I have a pretty large network to contact.
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    Hi Pink Flamingo.
    chosen a very good place, me too new to this forum. found a good lot of support forum here. pray to god that she will recover completely from it.