Daughter pulling same nasty tactics

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    please read my initial posts for background on my daughter. Well on Thursday my son and I are supposed to drive 8 hours to see my granddaughter that we havent seen in 9 months since her dads funeral. Well she told my granddaughter that we could see her when my son asked a few weeks ago. So he got time off to go and now my granddaughter wont answer our texts or FaceTime calls that she always has answered my son within a day or so. Nothing now for 9 days. The other grandmother doesn’t want to get involved and doesn’t want to get into a bad place with my nasty daughter. So I figured this was going to happen. I feel so angry and hurt. I miss my granddaughter. My daughter i am done with her. She just keeps hurting me. Now it hurts my granddaughter and my son. The upside is i have my 5 year old grandson that my daughter abandoned a year ago this week. Its hard to keep my mouth shut and not let her know how i feel. Clean off heroin for a year and meaner than ever. We are going up still to try to see her at a hockey game. Its a public place
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    I'm so sorry that this continues. I think I'd try to see her at the hockey game too.

    When are you supposed to leave to go visit her? Is it possible daughter may contact you before that but isn't engaging yet?
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    I'm not sure that I would try to see her at the hockey game. What if your daughter causes a scene? I am sure it would humiliate your granddaughter in front of her friends and teammates.

    I am so sorry that you are going through this.

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    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    I'd worry about that too Kathy but I'm sure she is dying to see her - even from afar maybe?