daughter started her period...

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    and I need help with who makes products such as pads that are for young teens. I went to the store today and looked, but I thought at least one of the major feminine hygiene products made pads or tampons for teens so that they were shorter and narrower and such. Didn't find any in my store.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. hearts and roses

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    There is a 'slender' package with pink all over it, I think it's Kotex or Stayfree and I used to get them at Walmart. There are slender tampons also - I would try Walmart and then a good drugstore like Walgreens, CVS, I don't which ones are by you but those are the top ones up here.

    Congrats to daughter! I'm sure she feels special today~
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    Gosh, MM - I can't believe she's grown so much!!! Time flies, doesn't it?

    I just bought a bag of pads for Diva, just in case (she's happily anticipating the "big day", silly girl ;) ). I bought my brand, but an ultra thin maxi with wings. They look pretty small (comparatively speaking, I guess). When the time comes, I'm going to start her out on the tampons without applicators because I seem to recall they also came in smaller varieties.

    I don't know - I did a google for teen-sized pads and came up with nada.

    I'm just thankful we don't have to do the belts anymore!!!
  4. mistmouse

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    Well, I thought there was a slender pad too, but didn't find any at Walmart. She used an Always pantyliner since I had nothing on hand as I haven't had periods in years, but she complained of that being too long and "up her butt".

    Sue, yes it is amazing how time has flown. I was going to PM you the other night and then got sidetracked. I was doing some cleaning and going through some boxes and found the emails from you that I printed out back in kindergarten when you were giving me info to help with the SD. My daughter will be in eighth grade this year. Anyway, I too had googled teen-sized pads and came up with nada.

    I guess I will go to a Walgreens and look. I know there was a website that was listed in the booklet they gave them in fifth grade when they showed "the movie", but I don't have the booklet anymore and the website was bookmarked on a computer that died over a year ago.

    By the way, my daughter actually started her period Saturday night, but didn't tell me until almost midnight last night and we don't have any 24 hour stores here, so I had to go do my shopping today. Poor girl had to use a Poise pad last night. LOL

    By the way, my daughter is only 5' 1" tall, and weighs 83 pounds and wears size 0 jeans, so even the small pads are long and wide for her.

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  5. mrscatinthehat

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    I thought the site was girl power but that obviously isn't it. I will have to see if I have it written somewhere. One of the company's used to put a pack together for girls just starting out. I can't remember who it was but I found it at the grocery store when my two were about to be of an age to start. I think it is girlpower.gov but I can't get the page to open.

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    My daughter uses the always pads. They are very thin these days...not much thicker than a panty liner. They also come with little moist wipes so the girls can freshen up with each change. And I think playtex has tampons for teen girls, but they're still too uncomfortable for my daughter.
  8. mistmouse

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    It wasn't the thickness of the pad that was the problem as I had no problem finding ones that were very thin...the problem is in the length and width of them so that they are rubbing her inner thighs and are way up her behind. I didn't find any tampons for teens in any brand, but probably will wait a few periods before thinking of trying those anyway. Thanks for all input.

  9. flutterbee

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    Always makes a slender pad and if it's too long, you can always cut it so it's smaller.
  10. mstang67chic

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    I also use Always Ultra with wings. I believe the ones in the yellow packaging is pretty short. I'm not sure on the width but they are shorter in comparison to the ones I normally use.
  11. Abbey

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    I use the industrial strength hospital pads, so I'm no help here.

  12. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    I signed up with- beinggirl.com ~ they sent out an informational/sample package that contained items for young girls. easy child 1 is 4'9" and 92 lbs at 10 1/2, wears a 12/14 in girls so I await her day of "womanhood". She just started getting underarm hair this summer.

    Congrats to your daughter on her milestone!
  13. KTMom91

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    Tampax has a slender or junior size, and I think it was Stayfree that had a pad that could be used with thong undies. Those might be more comfortable for her not having the pad creeping up her butt.