Daughter with passive aggressive disorder

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by rosebud, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. rosebud

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    Adult daughter with passive aggressive disorder. She sulks and won't speak to us for weeks and sometimes months if she doesn't get her own way . He father has had enough and at age 85 can not handle anymore hurt from her. I hope she will get help but she doesn't seem to believe she needs any. I would like to hear from other seniors on how they handle this type of behavior,
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    I'm bumping this in hopes that you might get some advice from some parents who have been there. How old is your daughter? Does she live near you?

    My DEX has passive/aggressive tendanciies, so I know how hard that siilent treatment can be. Sometimes the only thing you can do to cope is to take care of yourself.
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    Hi, I'm sorry for your situation, sounds really painful. Weekends can be slow so I hope others will stop by. Can you share more about how things have gone, it may help people to connect and share their experiences with you. Many here have expressed hurt over similar issues, you are not alone.
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    Welcome to the board. :)

    I don't have kids with passive aggression, but I was married to a man who used it often for 28 yrs.

    How I would handle it depended on what the behavior was. I'm not sure what sort of things you're specifically dealing with in order to offer something that might be helpful.

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    Welcome Rosebud! I really think you are going to have to learn to detach from her behaviors. You have to learn to stop letting her mood or attitude impact your happiness. I agree with your husband - just let it go and she will call you eventually. She has her own life and you should have yours, too.