daughter's former psychiatrist arrested

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    There was a news piece tonight on a doctor from OK City who is being sent to Vegas to stand trial on bad check charges. He lost his medical license a year or so ago because sexual contact with a client.

    We quit taking Jess to see his PA because we felt they were not treating her appropriately.

    Very very unsettling. At least we quit going before she was alone with anyone there.

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    I got on the bad mom list with a new psychiatrist in town that we took difficult child--then 7-- to. She was brand new to town, as in practice open only 3 weeks. She wanted to meet with difficult child alone in her office where there were no observations windows and I refused. She was angry with me but that's tough. I had no reason to suspect her of anything but I was going to be darned if I was going to send a highly anxious child out alone with a stranger.

    No other area of pediatric medicine occurs alone behind closed doors.
  3. Star*

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    Susie - THAT is just awful =


    I've been a VERY unpopular Mom for years - even got a label -potentially difficult. Personally I like - Won't have anyone step on her child without consent - but....you know bureaucrats.

    I've followed my gut instinct for years with Dude- and been right EVERY time where group homes, staff and psychiatrists have been concerned. Sometimes it wasn't easy to say "Because I think you're a nitwit", but hey - if the knitting fits - wear it.
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    Yeah, they didn't like me much. I questioned everything they wanted to do. We had already done the SSRI's with the pediatrician, and they didn't work. Made her higher than a KITE!!! And so when I declined them they were nasty, didn't want my input OR me in the room with her.

    Tough noogies, I stayed with her anyway. Very glad I did, and that we didn't see him for long. Always got one of his 4 PA's, but things always seemed just a little off, nothing concrete, just a feeling.

    So we stopped, workedon things with our wonderful therapist, and she is doing well. Seeing the pediatrician. neuro was also helpful (in a major way).

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    Ack! So sorry!
    Our psychiatrist is only alone with-our difficult child for about 5 min. at the end of an occasional session, to see if he can glean an info from him that he may not want to say in front of us. We can stand at the door and listen if we want. :) But we've never felt the need.
    The fact that this doctor is wanted for sexual contact AND bad checks says he's got too many issues, and I would suspect drug use as well. Things tend to clump together like that.
    Either way, I'm glad you have a diff dr now!
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    Many of us are betting on major issues. The really sad thing is he is one of very very few who treated kids on medicaid. We had it while husband was in grad school. He had a HUGE practice, and his associates are now our of the country. Don't know about PA's, just the other 2 docs in the practice. 1 is in Mexico, 1 is in the Middle East and they left in a big fat hurry.

    I am sad that he could have victimized many young children (only treated kids there), that so many are with-o docs, and that his partners probably did similar things as they have RUN out of the country.

    But I am glad that the practice and the docs are not harming kids anymore. And that jess was NEVER alone there.

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    Yep, go with your gut on those!!! Our psychiatrist2 whom I had that funny feeling about and refused to take K to anymore is currently being sued, because one of her patients was being starved and sexually abused... under her care. She noticed nothing... His brothers and sisters also. He almost died.
    She was the one who told me, "That is troubling" when I told her K wanted to Die... after 2 weeks of not returning my call... that was all!!!
    SHEESH is right...
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    Do these people get their medical degrees from "Pedophiles R Us" or somewhere???
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    It's funny. I'm a forty seven year old adult, and my requesting that my tetanus shot be updated and administered in my behind (I've got a hx of bad muscle pain after these shots and I've got more muscle back there than I do in my arm), led to a nurse having to come into the room to observe while I dropped trou to receive my shot.

    When I see my psychiatrist we do go in together, but the door is always open. I know that even thirty years ago, one or the other of my parents observed 2doc sessions through one way glass if they weren't actually in the room with me and the therapist.