Day +14 and I'm heading back

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by PonyGirl, Jun 10, 2010.

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    But with a very heavy heart. daughter in law had an ultrasound on Monday, the tech couldn't find a heartbeat. She should be at 11 weeks, baby only at 7 week size. She has not miscarried yet, but there is no hope. If she doesn't pass the baby (for some reason I still can't just say "fetus") by tomorrow, the docs will determine when to do the procedure to take it.

    difficult child is still planning on playing another stupid gig with his stupid band this Saturday.

    I thought I couldn't believe him before? When he was just leaving Julius? But now I truly have no words for the profound disappointment I have in him just walking away from his wife and lost child as well.

    daughter in law came right out this time and asked him to stay. He refused. Says he's leaving MN Saturday at 3pm, and will come back right after the band is done playing.

    Doubt it!

    Baby J is doing okay, his white blood cell count is coming up every day. He is still on oxygen when he sleeps, and has a nebulizer treatment every 4 hours. Today he has fluid in his lungs. THAT worries me, but I guess that's another normal problem they are prepared for.

    So, instead of me going to give daughter in law a much needed break, I'm going to go hold her hand, or else just stay with Baby J while she's recovering from either a miscarriage or surgery. Grammy Ann is going on Saturday, and I will come back to MN with husband on Sunday. No driving for me this time!!

    Extra prayers for daughter in law please. How completely devastating for Shawna. She's basically lost her husband and her new baby in one fell swoop. Because I really think this is the end for difficult child. I don't think he can repair this damage.


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    Pony, I am so sorry to hear about Shawna's baby. I had the very same thing happen just before I got pregnant with Little easy child and devastating is exactly the word.

    I'm happy to hear that Baby J's white blood cell count continues to improve. And it's good that you and Grammy Ann will both be able to be there for Shawna and J.

    Saying prayers for all.

  3. KTMom91

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    Pony, I'm so sorry. Saying extra prayers for Shawna and the rest of the family.
  4. mstang67chic

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    I'm so sorry. Give her a hug and tell her it comes from people all around the world. Have a safe journey.
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    Oh how horrible. I am so sorry. I'm glad you will be there for her, even if difficult child will not.
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    Awww darn. Im so sorry Pony for all of you about the baby. Such a horrible thing to have happen. Give her hugs from me too.

    I am glad to hear about Baby J's blood cells doing the happy dance though. Good cells!
  7. Shari

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    I am so sorry, pony. I am sending prayers for you all.

    I have to say, tho, I commend you on being able to see the situation for what it is.

    My marriage to DEX ended because of his difficult child-ness, but I never lost that family, and I am so, so, SO thankful for it...I hope that you and your daughter in law can continue, whatever the outcome may be.

    She sounds like a very special person, and we all know you are.