day 64 but it is challenging!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Jan 20, 2009.

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    difficult child got 2 month chip today. I am wanting her to some schoolwork and she is socialzing and had an escalation when I asked to see her cell phone;just wantde to see who she is texting and she would not. I was detrmined to get her phone and I did not. ;( I am concerned but I need to keep focusing on what I can control. Today was excitng for me concernng the Inaaguration. Easy deos itl; She did take off. I don't totally trust she is with this safe guy. She is igroing my curfew. I told her we nned to do double academics tmorrow. It is frustrating how she ignores rules and it is scary!!! Compassion
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    She is sure adding fuel to the fire! Keep up your great work in dousing the flames. Stay strong and stay sure!
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    If I can suggest something without taking the wind out of your sails...

    In AA, it is suggested that when recovering, you refrain from relationships for at least a year. They say this for a reason: if you are in a relationship, you are focusing on that other individual, not your recovery.

    Is she doing the steps? Does she have a sponsor?

    60 days is a wonderful, blessed achievement. Congratulations to her.
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    Oh I know. they talked aobut that at AA today; avoid distractions in early sobriety. I need to detatch and unwind. She is not that sober and is out right now and i am really powerless over her choices :( i need to take care of me. No, she soes not have s sponsosr but has atherapist she deos somewhat 9for her) trust and open up to. The AA club she goes to nearly daily is very step oreinted. I am also dealign with her BiPolar (BP) : she is not totally stabilzed and her conduct disorder flares up alot plus she is hormnal 15 yar old. thanks guys, it means so much.COmpassion