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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by PonyGirl, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Baby J is back in the hospital with fluid around his heart again. Minor surgery to insert drain tube yesterday. Were able to discontinue the tpn (nutrition thru iv) so are hopeful that stops the fluid buildup. He is eating like a champ again :D

    Platetes are up to 105!! Docs are startin to talk about dates they can COME HOME... maybe September 11th. Wouldn't it be so nice to have a happy reference for that day?

    difficult child came back last week for his 'final' gig. Except it wasn't - venue got shut down for excessive noice (really?) and so now the final gig is THIS Friday. difficult child had come back last Tuesday, and plan was to return to MN on Sunday. HUGE Blow out as it became apparent he wasn't going to return as promised.

    husband got on the phone and reamed him out but good. difficult child was packing to leave before they hung up :whiteflag: We were all yelling and screaming and we hadn't done that in so long, really felt like ca-ca afterwards! But I think it was good to go thru it, esp for husband, he has kept a lid on his feelings about this all along so now its all out there.

    We've since made our peace, and daughter in law finally put her foot down & told difficult child he can't take the car anymore. (Duh! No License!! Shouldn't have been driving all summer but anyway) So, difficult child may possibly ride back up north with husband tomorrow :peaceful: Kinda funny :tongue:

    difficult child will have to report to jail Sept 5 so he's scrambling to find work to avail himself of Huber Release. easy child worked construction all summer, and may get difficult child hooked up with that job as easy child is getting ready to head to Madtown University soon. (gulp - we will just put that in some other thread....)

    So that's the latest update from ponygirl land!
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    I'm so sorry Baby J is back in the hospital! But, he sounds like quite the fighter. :) Keeping good thoughts for Sept 11th! Good for husband for letting difficult child have it, sometimes I think an "explosion" is what these kids need to hear once in awhile to get them moving. I know it's draining, however.
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    Sorry the little guy's back in the hospital, but glad there's improvement. Hugs to you all.
  4. Fran

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    Gentle hugs to Baby J and those that love him.