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Has anyone gone they this, or have some knowledge about it? It is what the psychologist has suggested for Difficult Child. She would refer us to someone who is trained in it. Difficult Child is 3 months til she turns 18. I assume that she would do this class then still see psychologist every other week as she has been doing. I am afraid that if we start doing this, once she turns 18 she will refuse to follow thru. But, I guess that is a chance we need to take.

Difficult Child was in a mood yesterday. Basically mad at everyone and life in general. She has two girls she considers friends, but gets upset if they aren't available for her. One has a boyfriend,the other has other friends. I think Difficult Child likes a friend who is as lonely as she is, so that they are always available.

Little sis had a guy friend over yesterday, and Difficult Child was getting agitated and pretty much sliding in to a tantrum in front of her guest. Then later, someone texted her to hang out for a couple hours, and she came back all happy and even apologetic.

Hoping to survive the holidays... Today will be a busy day!! Mostly because I have procrastinated as usual...

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Hi ksm, sorry, not familiar, but just wanted to check in and let you know I am here pulling for you and family....

Hoping to survive the holidays... Today will be a busy day!! Mostly because I have procrastinated as usual...
ME TOO! LOL. As usual.
Peace and joy to you and yours..


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My son, has been going to DBT for almost a month now. He left our house last Saturday after a tantrum (for lack of a better word). I did tell him that I hope he continues on with the therapy, as he was really into it. Apparently it is a finite therapy, usually around a year long with set goals. Look up Marsha Linehan, she invented it and was a sufferer of borderline personality disorder. It's usually intensive individual therapy along with separate group skills training. The therapy uses mindfulness to help the person learn to cope with uncomfortable feelings.


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DBT is a highly regarded form of psychotherapy which is considered highly effective with people who had otherwise thought to have been treatment resistant, including those with Borderline traits. The person who developed it is Marsha Linehan. She was not the first to think of psychotherapy in these terms, but she is the most widely followed today. If you look for books on dialectical behavior therapy on Amazon, most highly rated, you will find a number of books. Many of them were written for the public. Reading the reviews will give you a lot of information about the underlying principles and techniques.

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