DD1 got upset like a 'normal' kid today - YAY!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by keista, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Yeah, only in difficult child land.

    She was working on a paper craft project, and it just wasn't coming together, and she got frustrated and crumpled it up. At that moment, Son walked by and made some sort of joke about not hitting the computer monitor if she gets frustrated with it. Well, this set her off and she she 'yelled' a few words at him and then ran off to her room crying. I was in the shower when this happened, but the yelling part was right outside so I heard it.

    I thought to myself how it so sounded like her normal voice, and not that "creepy" tone and voice that I have been getting used to. There was also no "attitude" - just my little girl being angry. She came out less than 5 minutes after I got out of my shower, so I went to ask her how she was, and what happened. She told it exactly as son had told me it happened. So I told her how I thought she handled it well. She got angry, expressed it in a reasonable manner, and then went away with her feelings to process them. "I guess" she replied. I also assured her that no one likes to experience these negative feelings (anger, frustration) but we all do, and we have to express and process them in some way. She still wasn't thrilled with her feelings, but seemed to be assured that the way she expressed them was OK.

    This is even more exciting for me because earlier today, she hit an angry patch and it seemed like 'creepy' was trying to creep out. I got tough with her, and it stopped immediately. It had gotten me thinking about her recent behaviors over the past few months. It was as if her emotions were separating themselves. There were 'normal' times, but then also the angry ("creepy") episodes, and sad (depressed) episodes, and the episodes were not necessarily triggered by anything specific. And in hindsight, the 'normal' times were either happy or calm, conflict free times.

    Son had mentioned it seemed like multiple personalities, and someone else reading my other thread seemed to agree as a possibility. What makes it interesting is that I write and talk about it as if these were separate personalities, but ONLY because they truly appeared that way.

    So, tonight was awesome and special because it was HER. The girl I know and love got angry and expressed it - appropriately. :choir:
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    Thats excellent, moments like that tend to restore your faith!