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    How are you? How are the boys? Are you doing a family xmas this year or not because of difficult child mom and her antics?

    Did I miss any thing with the boys? I know I had to miss something with someone while in a coma...lol.
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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my well thought out and insightful reply by hitting the
    enter button at the wrong time! CUSS!

    A slightly shorter version.......as I have to go to bed and be ready for work in the morning.

    Christmas morning will begin at 6:45 when GFGmom in her usual loud and disruptive way drops off difficult child and the six year old HYPER difficult child at our door.
    (GFGmom has to leave town at 7 for the prison) The house is ready. The tree/presents are squared away. I am not spending another cent and hope it is going to be another Merry Christmas for the children...only one of whom is actually still a child!

    difficult child is a senior in high school. He has lived with GFGmom for six months and has lost his purity ("I didn't like it, Mama.), smokes cigarettes, uses
    "manly" vulgarities etc. and his grades are down. on the other hand, he hugs me each time he sees me and says "I DO love you, Mama and I miss you!"

    easy child/difficult child is off drugs and has cut his heavy boozing down to two or three nights a week instead of five or six. He has a new, older girlfriend who seems to adore him but is not "putting out". She works full time in management at a chain drug store. Don't ask me how she can stay up with him til 2 or 3
    partying and still "manage" a management job during the holidays when she reports for work at 7 to get the store ready for opening. Youth!

    Things are better around here but no where near normal. :redface:

    I am SO impressed by your progress, Janet, and even more impressed that it seems like your family has stepped up to the plate for your recovery. I am sensitive to many of your issues and I still remember to include you in my prayers. I hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas. DDD
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    DDD, although I am saddened to hear that difficult child has slid downhill since leaving your house, I'm hopeful that all that you taught him and all the nurturing he received from you and husband will stick with him forever and hopefully help him to make the right choices in the future. Hugs, I'm sure this has been hard on you watching your daughter/difficult child undo what you've done.

    As for easy child/difficult child, I'm glad to hear that he's doing better. :) It makes me hopeful that he is turning things around slowly but surely for good. We've been down a long road together, my friend.

    Janet ... it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful to "see" you again. You had us worried, girlfriend ! I hope your boys are pampering you.