Deadlines, Drycleaning and Not Following Instructions...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DaisyFace, May 27, 2010.

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    difficult child has been flunking her way through ROTC all year. Not wearing the uniform and/or not keeping the uniform neat has been the biggest reason for the poor grades.

    Throughout the year the uniform has been left in the bookbag, on the closet floor, under the bed--everywhere except hung neatly on a hanger. And therefore having it drycleaned is a double headache--first, because the ROTC program contracted with the most expensive cleaner in town, and second, because it is hard to spend that kind of money on drycleaning and then see the uniform get left lying around in our dog-hair-covered home.

    So as the end of the year approaches, difficult child was in an uproar that Mom has to get the uniform cleaned right away so I can turn it in. It was a big panic.

    Well, Mom got the uniform cleaned. Cost me $25 to have everything cleaned and the pleats pressed into the shirts and the creases pressed into the pants. I picked up the uniform at the cleaners all neatly hung and wrapped in plastic.

    husband gave difficult child specific instructions. Do NOT take the uniform out of the bags! he said. He explained that everything was neat and clean and pressed and ready to go.

    So difficult child hung the uniform in her closet....where it stayed....and stayed...

    So whatever happened to the big panic about Mom getting it cleaned so it could be turned in? Seems like that was a while ago.

    Turns out, the deadline to turn in the uniform without facing any fees was YESTERDAY.

    So difficult child decides she will turn it in TODAY....

    She goes to her closet this morning, removes the drycleaning bags, takes the uniform off the hangers, lays everything on her bed and then stuffs it into an old drawstring gym bag.

    Then to make doubly sure that everything is wrinkled and covered with dog hair--she takes everything out of the gym bag while we are driving to school and lays it across the fabric, dog-hair-and-lint-covered back seats of the car to "re-fold" the uniform--and discovers that the gym bag must not have been very clean because now there are some kind of marks on the white uniform shirt.

    If we get a bill for that uniform I am going to explode!


  2. DammitJanet

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    Oh gawd! I can remember those uniforms. I had to take them to the dry cleaners every other week and the weeks in between we got that stuff where it is that dry clean at home in your dryer. Jamie even learned to Not as well as he did at boot camp but pretty darn well.

    I would have killed him. Of course, JROTC was a step into the Marines and meant he would get out with an increased rank so it meant something to him, INCENTIVE!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    IF you get a bill, you should think about having difficult child pay for it AND reimburse you for the cleaning you've already had done. I'm sorry she is being so thick-headed. :faint:
  4. AnnieO

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    DF - I feel for you. I am not even sure WHY Onyxx washes her clothes.
  5. idohope

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    I feel for you. This is exactly what would have happened with my difficult child...right down to the dog hair.
  6. skeeter

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    That's why I loved Civil Air Patrol. One of the first things they taught cadets (as young as age 12) was to wash and iron their uniforms (including BDUs) and sew on all their patches and name tags.

    I never touched my son's uniform after that. 6 years of CAP and 4 years of Navy. Although he did occasionally bring home laundry 10 hours away from the Navy (he hated the machines on ship and hated going to the laundra-mat even more).
  7. Wiped Out

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    I understand! We wrote a check for my easy child/difficult child's end of the year field trip. She didn't turn it in until almost 2 weeks after it was due:mad:
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    Oh, yeah, I hear you, too. With us it was band uniforms, and all the cute little pieces that went with them, only some of which were to be dry cleaned. in my opinion, difficult child needs to pay any and all fees regarding her ROTC uniform. Her uniform, her class, her responsibility.