Dealing with emotional blackmail

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Jan 4, 2009.

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    It has been a rough day ;( she insisted difficult child has refused to comply with anything healthy eexcept did do Sunday School this morning. I had hoped she would walk dogs for a bit at Humane society, have down time/recover from ski trip, then exercise and go to AA 5:30 and stay here tonight. I held my boundaries for 3 and a half hours and she kept amping it up:she actually took off and I followed her to entrance and then she was hiding in storage shed. Then she insisted dad pick her friend up and take her and friend to Mall. I was uncomfortable and sent husband to make sure they made it to movie and will pick them up.
    I have really tried not to react. Now she is refusing to go in the movie because Dad is there. i knew it would be an adjustment. I choose battles but when she is not stable I do feel need to keep eye directly on her.
    The threats/emtional blackmail are better but sure is exhausting when occurs!!! Compassion
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    I am so sorry she is being so rough! Keep your ground. You are doing a great job.