Dear Ex, Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I have been having the WORST time with getting the Ex to call his insurance company to find Carson a Psychologist. Carson's doctor said he needs to see one and see a therapist.

    Today I googled all the Psychologist's in the closest big town (1 hour away) and when I called the first one I asked if the took Carson's insurance. Why, yes! Yes they do!

    So, Carson has an appointment November 29th!! They are doing a new evaluation. And we will have the results in about a week. I hope I get the results before we have the IEP meeting. It will be nice to compare the two "findings". And it will be nice to get one that doesn't do any work for the school district. They told me that without insurance the evaluation would cost $500. But, since Carson has good insurance--it will only be his $40 copay!!!!

    I am so excited. I've been waiting for Ex to take care of this since 9/11. Took me 30 minutes. Booyah!!
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    Way to go, Warrior Mom!
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    That's great news. You must feel very excited the ball is finally rolling... keep us informed.
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    Good for you!

    Hope the testing goes smoothly...
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    Woo hoo!!! I'm glad that it worked out for you! I hope that the evaluations go well.
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    Way to go!
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    Who said... "If you want it done right, do it yourself"???

    I'm glad you have an appointment for him. That's GOT to be a relief... And now on to the next crisis, huh?

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    Awesome! I will never understand why some people won't give a child's insurance info to the other parent or to grandparents if the child spends any time with them. in my opinion it is neglect on your ex's part to withhold that info and/or not get the appointment - and many judges would also see it that way.

    Do you have his insurance card or a copy of it? With the policy and group numbers, you can call the ins co and get a list of providers, a list of approved medications, and all the details on the plan. You have a legal right to that info, even if ex won't give it to you If you don't have the card, ask the doctor's office to give you a copy to use until the new card you ordered arrives. Then use the card info to order a card to carry at all times. Then you won't have to worry about ex getting info to you - you can probably just go look it up online at the ins co website.
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    Bio did this. Multiple times. And... Many insurance companies will NOT send new cards to any address other than the one paying the premiums. :sigh: