Dear future Mrs difficult child........

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Andy

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    Some day you will thank me for what I just did. A football game is on and difficult child is watching it on the big screen. husband is watching it downstairs in his office and I made supper. When supper was ready, I said, "difficult child when there is a break in the game please go tell your dad that supper is ready and you can help yourself."

    I don't think difficult child heard me - atleast not the entire sentence. Pretty sure he heard supper was ready so I hear a, "Mom, bring me my food!"

    "No, when there is a break in the game, you can get your own plate and go let your father know that he can come get his."

    So, I have put an end to the start of "woman thou shalt serve me" that some men get into during a game. (husband is not like this so this should be easy to squelch) Besides, sitting for so long is not the best - they need to stretch their legs so I am helping in more ways than one! :)

    husband came up on his own looking for food the same time difficult child started toward the kitchen - must have been a break in the game! LOL!
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    I used to do the same sort of thing by making husband go shopping in the middle of a game. Ok, so I can be evil..........but I couldn't help it that most the games were on the weekend when we needed to get our shopping done. lol
  3. DammitJanet

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    You are evil!

    I have to admit that it is me hollering "Hey!, get me something to eat, Im hungry and I cant miss this play!"
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    You go girl!

    I made dinner yesterday and people were watching TV. I told them it was ready and they could come dish up their plates. Then I proceeded to get my own plate and sat down and started eating. I was not about to go chase everyone down from the far corners of the house and drag them to the table. Plus, I was hungry and tired from cleaning all day. I went to the trouble to prepare it. I figure if they're hungry, they can come get it. If not, so be it. They all eventually made their way to the dining room :)
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    Way To Go Andy!
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    Good Job Andy ! husband does not wait to be served and he also picks up his clothes and rinses out the sink, etc ... He is a real peach ! His brother's are both slobs (from what sister in law's tell me) so I am not sure who I give credit too ! Anyhow, I think it is important for mother's to show their sons (and daughters) how to help themselves and not be reliant on anyone else or expect someone to wait on them hand and foot ! I have cousin who's daughter holds up her glass for my cousin to come and get it and give her a refill ! NOT HAPPENING HERE ! lol
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    I'm guessing they were watching the same game I was watching (probably cheering for opposite sides since your from Minnesota:)). I always make sure to cook before the game, after the game, or sometimes at half time because I don't want to miss any of the game!!
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    Did you see Desperate Housewives this Sunday? Same premise with Lynette and Tom with his mom being the bow-down-to-every-need-of-her-boy mom, to the point of his tapping on his coffee cup demanding his coffee cup be filled. I think every single woman watching that show cringed.

    My dad was sort of the same way. When he comes to my house, he knows where to find his ice tea.

    Good for you for teaching your boys the ways of the new world! Ha!
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    andy that's funny.