Deciding how much is typical teen, how much is Aspie and how much is gfgness

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    Eeyore just doesn't seem to get it. During the summer, I blocked a girl's number on his phone. She had played a very mean trick on him (claimed to be a different girl and asked him to be her boyfriend, let the ruse go on for a few days and then fessed up - Eeyore was crushed cause he had been so happy to have a girlfriend and told everyone.). He overreacted and was basically stalking her via phone and text so I blocked the number and told them to take a break from each other. Now that they have been back at school for a couple of months, they are friends again (I do have to say she did seem to regret her behavior and meant it to be funny = a terrible judgment call on her part).

    He wants her number unlocked but I have refused since their relationship wasn't very healthy (too much contact, he was too 'worshipy' of her -- I expected this gorgeous, cheerleader, pre-Harvard girl based on his talking about her -- imagine my shock when I finally met her -- a plain looking, slightly overweight awkward geeky-girl).

    He just asked again to have her number unlocked 'cause it's okay I just talked to her for 30 min on another girl's phone. He was shocked when I took the phone away for the night -- really??????

    He then stomped around his room making a lot of noise. I just ignored it.

    He is 15 going on 5.
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    On the bright side, he's not all about looks. I'd think the only non-typical teen thing about it is that he told you instead of continuing to talk to her on someone's else phone.
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    My experience is that Aspies are never typical :)
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    Sounds like you've got a little bit of typical teen and aspie going on there... isn't that by definition a difficult child? :rofl:

    Good idea to keep close tabs on the phone. I completely understand the obsessive nature of these kids... I remember when difficult child 1 was in kindergarten and discovered that one of his classmates lived two doors down. OMG he wanted to go over to her house every single day! And he got really mad when I told him after the second week that he had to take a break from seeing her. It was funny but it had me on edge.
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    Classic. I can say that because we went through it several times with Travis. Fortunately the girl he chose to stalk was one of easy child's close friends who also has a brother with autism, so she totally got it. But I finally had to talk to the girl and tell her to back us up on the stalking part. lol (she was a sweetheart)

    Now here is a quirk to it: If he feels attracted to a girl he has the potential to stalk..........But he never notices if a girl has feelings for him, zips right over his head. lol And this is at 24.