decongestant without all the extra add ins

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  1. cmdh

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    Does anyone know of a decongestant (for a 4YO) that does not contain sugar, dyes etc.

    Also looking for a tylenol without sugar and dye.

    I found a cough syrup in the diabetic section that is free of all the added stuff - I'm sure it tastes horible but the pharmasist said I could mix it with her juice drink.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Waldorf Mom

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    Hi CMDH,

    I've never used a decongestant for with my children. Homeopathy usually worked really well (usually pulsatilla was the right remedy for my two children when they had a stuffy nose). Occasionally they've needed motrin/tylenol combination (for strep throat and 105+ degree fever), but we were not able to find them in dye-free formulas. Would the 4-yr-old be able to take a small/crushed pill if it were mixed in pudding, applesauce, yogurt, or something similar? The pills still have dyes, but at least there's not as much dye.

    To clear the nasal passages, have you ever tried a neti pot? I only learned about these a few years ago from a holistic practitioner who swears by them. I bought one from my local health food store (though now you can easily buy them online or even in regular drug stores). You pour salt water through one nostril and it drips out the other.... bringing with it loads of "gunk" and long stringy boogers. My children think it's so cool and gross and funny all at the same time... and often ask to use it at the littlest sniffle. Some people use them daily to clear out their sinuses.

    Hope this helps...

    Take care,
    Waldorf Mom
  3. davis family

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    my son has major problems with congestion for about a month once a year and i get tired of these medicines so i buy lots of vicks and also they have vicks liquid that goes in the the humidifier , but i prefer, this method, i plug up the bath , then i turn on hot water to steam and i add about 1/2 cup of the vicks and let the child sit in the bathroom for about 10 min. it works and no side effects Shannon
  4. cmdh

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    Going to try the sinuclense. Hopefully difficult child will think it's cool too.

    Can't for the life of me remember exactally what the DR said about vicks but he told me NOT to use it until she is much older. Something about what it does to the broncial .. ??? I'll look in my mound of notes to see if I can find it.. anyone else hear of this?