Decribe yourself in five words. Fun thread.


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Well....since my dear hub and I are dog sitting overnight for daughter,we can't really go out beyond our yard to enjoy this perfect weather. My grand dog is too big to take in our truck with our two little ones. So I am thinking, and I came up with this. I hope you enjoy it. We shall see. I am not thinking of sentences, just words that best describe you. I will start and see who else may want to play. Five words.

1. Creative
2. Spiritual
3. Compassionate
4. Caring
5. Open-minded

As I did this I realize how restrictive five words are, but it was fun to try to figure out the most obvious traits! Of course, we are all so much more than five words.

You want to try?
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This was great!!! Very helpful in looking at oneself. I think I need to work on myself a little.i think Fun or Funny would be sixth. Hmmm. Maybe it would be nice for it to be in the top five. Something to think about. Hmmm
Great exercise :)


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SWOT...thank you again.
I don’t think I’m ultra self aware.
This assignment reminds me of one a therapist gave me years ago.
She asked me to ask my three closetest friends to tell me the three things they admire most about me.
I was shocked at the answers.
They were lovely and made me cry.
Particularly that one answer came up with all three: resilience. You could of knocked me over.
I asked one why????? I don’t get it. With all my whining about Difficult Child ??!???
They said that between my health stuff and some over the top stuff with Difficult Child...they aren’t sure they could of coped at all. Even though I thought I was complaining a lot...they didn’t think I was . They felt that no matter how outrageous Difficult Child behaviors were, I somehow managed to pull myself up and back. I was amazed. Of course, I have this site for Support. :) And I had therapy off and on. And I have a great husband. But, I had NO awareness others thought this way. They never actually said anything indicating that. I do think I can be a little sensitive at times. It was an eye opener.


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Nomad, all of us can tell from your kind postings that you are special!!

Trust me, it is obvious.

I got a few of mine from other people too. Both of my husband's haha commented on the compassion part. My first hub called me a humanitarian, which I think is a bit much. My husband now tells me I'm too nice. The open minded came from my kids.

I did not include my downfalls, such as spacy, too talkative, clumsy, overlysensitive etc. Maybe another thread should be "things we wish were different about us."


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Wow! You guys really like yourselves! :)

I keep coming up with negatives. :( I'll have to think about this.
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Okay, lil. this is my real list, that I have to override.


Here is lil:

No-nonsense (borrowed from bbu)
True blue