Deepak Chopra Weight Loss, Well Being, Lightness of Soul

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    I picked this up at the library, not realizing it was a book designed to help us lose weight. But it is, and in the most gentle, amazing way. The primary emphasis is not on weight loss at all, but on becoming more conscious, on becoming healthier, mind, body, and soul. It's a beautiful, beautifully written book. Here is a descriptive phrase from the back of the book:

    "There is only one principle that applies: Life is about fulfillment. If your life isn't fulfilled, your stomach can never supply what's missing."

    The book talks about awareness, inflammation, balance, stress, and joy.

    The title: What Are You Hungry For?

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    I'm going to have to get that! Another book along those same lines is one I have just started reading - it's called The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel. He is one of the people featured on the documentary Hungry For Change.
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    Both sound worth looking into.
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    So, I'm on like, page 23. (For some reason, I am picking up every book but this one. I accidentally picked this one up, this morning. So, I read a few pages more.)


    It continues to be a gentle, positive, practical book about honoring self-fulfillment, and about seeking that as a way, not only to eat or breathe or act consciously, but to encourage ourselves to cherish our lives, and to recognize ourselves as our own guiding force.

    I haven't explored Gabriel's book about being hungry for change, yet. It's all I can do to get myself to read this one!

    I think I am relishing staying stuck.


    This morning, I found myself thinking that it would be a good thing to rebuild muscle mass. That is a good and healthy thought, and it took me by surprise that I thought it. I think I have a little depression thing going on lately (some of it about difficult child, but some of it about aging), and that I have been using food and other things that help me numb out to distract myself. You know, telling myself it doesn't matter if I do eat the whole half-gallon of ice cream, because I am already old. That kind of thing.

    So, those are good beginning changes, sort of cherishing the self changes...and I haven't even read the whole book.

    Ha! With the way I am resisting it though? I will be lucky to get past Chapter 1.

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    Okay, so...we are somewhere in the early pages of the forties. Still a great book. Deepak is talking about the multiple messages our minds send. Not only around the issue of food, but around every issue. His solution is that we take a moment to check in with:

    1) Our bodies. Ask the question, "How do I feel?" Then, listen and be silent for like, 20 seconds. Then, "Where do I feel it?"

    2) Our hearts ~ do the same.

    3) Our brains ~ do the same.

    The idea is to find the holes we are trying to patch through addictive behaviors, and address them. While we do this, we are simply to wonder about healthier foods than we have been used to eating for comfort.