Definition of Drama


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I love this.

It is something I have actually managed to purge from my lief. When I was very sick and confused as a child and young adult, I lived in chaos and drama and it was all I knew (family norm). As I got better, this is something I refuse to welcome into my life. I live in a serene town without drams. I have nobody close to me who is a drama queen/kind with the sometimes exception of Bart and that has really fallen off. My family members otherwise are low drama. I don't associate with drama queens willingly. Since we are not allowed to trash talk anyone at work or we are auto fired, there is no gossipy, nasty drama at work. I'm sure they get together after hours and maybe do it, but I am not involved in that.

I think alcohol causes lots of drama so hubby and I keep away from drinking parties too.

My life would make a hibernating bear yawn, but I love it this way. Not an excitement junkie here and not interested in being center of attention unless I"m doing a play with my group.


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Unfortunately, drama is pretty much a given in my line of work. At least where Im at now, its not nearly as bad as the first prison I worked at. That place made soap opera's look like Little League baseball compared to the pro's!