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    any nurses etc who might have an idea on this?
    For perhaps two years , every time I get a CBC, which is often in my case due to low platelets, my hemoglobin and hematocrit are a little high. They ALWAYS tell me that I must be dehydrated. At first, I just let it go, but NOW I'm starting to wonder about it.
    For one thing, since it's very hard to draw my blood, I drink a crazy amount of water prior to the test. The day before I drink extra water and the morning of the test, I drink a ridiculous amount of water. I drink so much water, that I need to use the facilities several times before leaving the house and very very frequently the rest of day of the test. I drink an absurd amount of water because I'm sick and tired of the tech saying "DID YOU DRINK WATER?" Well, yes, I drank a freakish amount of water. Are these test results very common?
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    I don't have any answers, but I do have the same problem no matter how much water I drink. I seem to be chronically dehydrated no matter how much I drink.
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    One of my son's too....we have used Gatorade when a simple test. He had low platelets too last t time due to's torture to see him give a sample.....