Dental woes...revisited

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    I remember a while back we having some difficulty in this dept. Here's my update, mybe you have some advice.

    A few months ago I had a crown replaced, my tooth also had a cavity under the crown. The dentist took care of the cavity and put a temporary crown in. Well from that instant... my tooth is so sensitive and painful, I figured once the permanant crown was in place it would be better. I have been back 4 times to have it filed down because it hurt so bad.

    Friday the x-ray showed the tooth has a problem- I know it's broken, and it had been broken from the moment he filled it a few months ago, it just didn't show up on the x-ray until Friday. Well, I have only enough money on my insurance to have it pulled. Until January 2012, that is.

    Once it's broken you can't save it, but the dentist wants me to go to a periodontist (a gum specialist) I won't have the money for him if I need to have it pulled. But the problem is the tooth, NOT the gum, so I just mage an appointment to have it pulled by the oral surgeon on Thursday. I have the x-ray, the one for the periodontist, but why should I go to him, I know my tooth is broken. Right? or should I go to that periodontist? I can't eat on the one side and mow my jaw is all swollen also.

    Or should I just wait until January? It's in the back, you couldn't notice it missing.

    How are your new teeth Hound? Anyone else doing better in this dept?
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    A peridodontist isn't going to save the tooth. Have it pulled. Then, in January you can have a bridge made.
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    Maybe ask the dentist why he's telling you to see the periodontist.

    The only thing I can think is that maybe the dentist thinks you are a candidate for an implant in that spot, and I believe periodontists are specially trained in placing those.
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    I think it's his friend, I've been telling the dentist all along it's broken. I am just going to have it pulled this week, I'll have the bridge made in January, thank you for thinking the same thing I was thinking.
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    THere is a place here in SC that is world-renound for CHEAP and expertise dental work. IT MAY be...and I"m not kidding less money to fly here, stay a night, have the work done and fly home round trip. They save people thousands. You can call them too - Sextons Dental Clinic - they have a web site. Check flights on Just a thought.
    The only cheaper place to have dental work is in COsta Rica and I promise you if I hit the lotto? It's the first place I'm going.