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    Think of me tomorrow about 2 pm. I have awful teeth due to some of the medications I have had to take for so long. I have already had a couple of teeth pulled a few years ago. I woke up yesterday with a really bad toothache but when I tried to call the dentist they were closed for the holiday. I have been in agony since very early monday morning. I was up almost all night taking 2 lorcets every 3 hours plus using numbing gel and hot/ice packs.

    I finally got in with the dentist and they will see me tomorrow. Im expecting at least two teeth pulled if not more.

    I live with pain daily but this is just excruciating! I normally can get by with just one pain pill a day if that...never have I had to take this many except with surgery.

    I guess its good that I had a good supply. At least I know once the worst of the pulling is over things will get better but oh how I hate to get teeth pulled!
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Sending prayers and understanding hugs your way!

    I am tough as nails when it comes to doctors, needles, blood and gore. But I hate the dentist. I need gas and topical numbing medicine just so they can give me a shot of novacaine! And the sound of the drill...don't even get me started. Worse then nails on a chalkboard.

    I will be holding your cyber hand!
  3. totoro

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    I am a weirdo when it comes to the dentist... I don't mind them!!! I have had 10 root canals due to my grinding of the teeth!!!
    But I feel for you... for me it is the cost. I liked going to the dentist because that meant the pain would soon be gone!!! But then I had to figure out how to pay!!!

    I just went last week... I have to get 3 teeth replaced with new caps, the old ones are failing...
    I hope you have coverage of some kind!!! I hope the pain is gone soon...and they don't have to pry your mouth open for too long...
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    Oh my....the Dentist, I'm not a big fan of the place (the Dentist is a hottie, but don't really get to see I'm on board with totoro....mine is more of a financial thing. I just had to cancel my wisdom teeth removal, really can't swallow the $1100 cash it was going to cost. So, putting it off for the 18th year.:sweating: I suppose I'm happier that I'm not sitting here in pain from them being pulled & my wisdom teeth only bother me every once in awhile. NOW, if I was in pain like you....suppose I would be on my way to take out a loan! Good luck tomorrow & I bet you will be feeling much better once it's all over with!
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    I'll be holding good thoughts and sending good vibes to you tomorrow.

    I loath the dentist, have an outragious fear of them.

    And I have an extremely high tolerance to pain, except when it comes to my mouth. So I feel for ya.

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    Thinking of you and sending calming, peaceful thoughts as you sit in that chair. Hope you feel quick relief and speedy healing.