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    emotional eating is killing me....

    I have lost a small amount of weight thanks to our new puppy and all the walks he demands!

    But over all I am still running to the bottle (coke-a-kola bottle) everytime I get stressed, which between difficult child's, my grumpy Father and S2BX, is often.

    I feel out of shape and out of breathe. I have not had my "." in 2 months!

    I joined a gym a week ago and need to get there, but then, between work, difficult child's and school it seems there's no me time.

    sorry I am whinning up a blue streak, there are just days lately where I do not want to wake up.....

    I know I have to just DO IT!!! I look at recent pics and just cry at how heavey I am....

    ok, sniff, 2morrow is a new day....:sad-very:
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    What about switching the available cola bottle, to one that is sugar-free? That way you still have the taste of your favourite tipple, but without the calories.

    It IS a good diea to drink a lot of calorie-free fluid when you're hungry or wanting a snack. The liquid fills you up, often you think you're hungry when you're really only thirsty, and we don't drink enough anyway.

    Something to motivate you - I was with mother in law shopping today (we were looking for a new TV for her) and as we were going from one store to another, we walked past a clothing store. Now, I never went into this place because they never had anything in my size. But I saw a denim vest that I liked so I went in to check it out.
    A sales assistant (older lady) came up to me. "Can I help you?"
    I told her I was looking at the vest, she offered to get one down for me.
    "What size are you?" she asked.
    I said, "You'd better get me a 16."
    "Oh no," she said. "You're quite small, a 16 would be too big."

    So she got me a 14 which WAS too small as I expected. The 16 was the right fit, but I was so tickled when she said, "You're quite small," and even more tickled that I could buy something off the rack from a standard dress shop. (a note - Aussie sizing is different)

    I had to lose the weight for the sake of my health. Looking good - forget it. Not important. Not possible. I'm too old now. But I've been amazed at just how much better I look. I'm also delighted in how much more freely I can move, how much better I sleep (that was greatly improved after losing only 5 Kg) and the really interesting thing - how much better I'm treated by other people. Which is wrong, people should show you respect regardless of your appearance, but I do find big differences.

    I got one of my fat photos and stuck it on the fridge door. Alternatively, you could get a sketch of you looking thin, on the fridge door. Whatever you feel will work.

    You do need to find something you can have, when you get the munchies. For me, I go get another serve of my "magic muesli". Or a serve of prunes. Or a big drink of my calorie-free iced coffee. You find what works for you.

    You WILL get the munchies and yo do need to do something about it other than denial.

    If you 'fall off the wagon' then don't fret. Just pick up and get going again, don't look back.

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    AOG I understand. I'm proud of you for sharing this. I understand emotional eating and I'm working on shifting over to other strategies and to substitute snacks. One thing that helps my sugar cravings are the WW fudge pops. What I have recently discovered is that if I can string 3-4 days together, white knuckling it if you will, that after a few days of "detoxing" from the sugar it gets soo much easier. It's good that you are walking the puppy. A workmate of mine started walking her dog about 6 months ago, twice every day. Without really trying she lost 15 pounds!

    Marg's story is very inspirational (Way To Go Marg!).

    This weekend I'm going to do a lot of cooking, trying out some new recipes and making sure to have tons of acceptable snack foods available for both manster and me. If you have the good choices available so that you don't have to think too much when you get cravings or hunger you're more likely to choose them.

    You can do this! We are all here to support you.
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    emotional eating - what is that?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many of us here can relate!

    Couple things; is there are program at the gym that difficult child can participate in? That way you can together after work. Is difficult child able to stay home alone? If so, schedule your work outs just like you would a doctor appointment - start with just tues and thur after work. Make no other plans for that hour (or however long you will be working out). Then add one day during the weekend. Hopefully you can get in three days a week to start.

    With everything we have to deal with regarding our kids, we've got to remember to deal with ourselves!

    Check out some of the recipes on the recipe thread on the top of this board. Planning some healthy meals, even if you can't make it to the gym, is something.

    We understand.

  5. Ropefree

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    Recently I read that the sweet tastes alone have a trigger impact on the insulin that causes carbohydrate craving. Small dense protiens and complex charbohydrates with fiber knock down the hunger and illimnating sweets altogether is the only out for the slump that simple carbs insure.
    Planning to eat for the even blood sugar in your system to avoid the peeks and valleys that focus on the 'emotional eatting' and plenty of restful sleep. Moving will help to turn things around by getting you burning calories. Eat to fuel your needs for you body.
    yesterday Dr. oz was describing how when our bodies start to loose excess fat the chemistry changes for the better. it sounds like you are in that pre-trasition state of mind and just have to jump start that change of gears.
    Sweet drinks are just not what we need. drink water. chew on a cinnamon stick as cinnamon helps with sugar levels in the blood. When you start feeling better you will 'know' you made that shift.
    I do know what you are talking about. I am right there with you. It feels awful. the clothing is just the outer veiw...inside it is just yucky feeling.
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    You're "talking" to an old pro - EMOTIONAL EATING has ALWAYS been a major problem for me!!!

    I love Marg's tip about sticking a "fat photo" or a "thin photo" on the fridge door!!! Another thing you can do, sort of along this same line of thinking, is to take a favorite piece of clothing that no longer fits, keep it in plain sight, and try it on weekly. (I like to use a swimsuit.)

    Another thing that helps me is to brush and floss my teeth whenever I know I'm about to raid the kitchen. Another member gave me this tip awhile ago and it really works!!! If you brush and floss, the craving to "pig out" won't be as strong.

    As others have said, you need to substitute another drink for the Coke. And, as also already said, you need to find healthy snack choices that you enjoy. I've found that eating an apple before giving into a craving helps. Many times, after finishing the apple, I won't want anything else. And, if I do, I'm able to eat less of whatever it was I was craving.

    Get rid of all the junk food in your house that you know you can't stay away from. in my humble opinion, there really is no such thing as willpower. If willpower worked, we all would be at our "healthiest weights" and remain at our "healthiest weights" forever.

    Just giving up the Cokes alone, will make a big difference over the course of a year. I think I read it takes about six weeks to kick a bad habit. Hang in there!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    And, post here often. It definitely helps. Post here even if it's only to let us know you stayed away from the Coke for 24 hours. This is an accomplishment!!!

    Thinking of you... WFEN
  7. SRL

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    I'm one of those emotional eaters/carb cravers so I can sympathize. One of my kids is a major carb craver too--the more he eats, the more he craves.
  8. Janna

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    I'm so sorry. Cravings are so hard. Hey, this is a day to day thing. We all have our days when we feel fat (I know I do allllll the time) or out of shape. I can't even think about going to the gym, I'm a whimp. I do my exercising in home, privately, where people don't have to watch me jiggling around LMAO!

    So, going to the gym, that's huge! Good for you.

    Motivation is tough. It seems to me to be easier once I'm on a routine. Then I KNOW I have to.

    We cut out soda completely here. My SO was drinking a case of Mountain Dew every 3-4 days. We started buying the Crystal Lite drink mixes (actually, Wal Mart sells the Sugar Free that you can make by the 2 quart, ALOT cheaper and they're just as good). I'll get some of the little ones you throw in a bottle of water, and some for the pitchers. He gets sick of them, at times, and will run out and get a soda or two. BUT, he's also lost 12 pounds JUST from removing the soda from his diet! (JERK! LOL). It's addicting, though - so hard to get rid of.

    I hope today is better! No looking back. Yesterday is over. All you have to look forward to is tomorrow :)
  9. wakeupcall

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    Janna is right about the Crystal Light drink mixes.....and Target has "Target" brand that are about half the cost. The raspberry lemonade is very good, but they also have iced tea flavors, etc. and each glass only has 5 calories.....a far cry from the sodas! I'm not overweight and I exercise often, but I still hate my addiction to ONE soda a day. Surely I can do better. I'm working on it.