Depression Documentary: NAMI and Jane Pauley.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, May 13, 2008.

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    Thanks SO MUCH for posting this!

    My state got a "C" -- not sure how it ranked previously.

    One thing I did vote for a few years ago, which has improved our state mental health funding, was a proposition which taxed income of $1million+ to create funds for mental health. While we're nowhere near that tax bracket, I'd pay an extra percent or two if it meant better funding for mental healthcare and programs. I firmly believe that many of the problems in our jails would be resolved if our country spent more on mental health and education, especially identifying children with learning disabilities and/or behavioral disorders and getting them into treatment programs EARLY.
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    Thanks for sharing this! My state got a B-.
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    I definitely want to watch this!!! Thanks for posting!!! WFEN
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    This is interseting. Thanks for postng.
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    That's sad. I can't get much help for difficult child and my state is one of the top 5.

    Sad sad sad.

    Hope I can catch the show, too.