Despite high anxiety, he pulled a 180 today!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Yesterday, difficult child knew the arrow head had created a "situation". No one played it off as bad, but he knew something was up and was disappointed that he was, yet again, a bad boy.

    He spent last night very anxious. He struck me in the car.

    This morning, he was still anxious, but not as bad. We got to school and the other behavior challenged girl from his class was in the cafeteria eating breakfast. She tells difficult child frequently that he's bad, so he doesn't like her. She wanted to sit by him to eat, which made him anxious. Luckliy, another girl showed up and she sat by her.

    Then, another little girl walked in. Her mom was married to the son of the neighbors we bought our camper from. This is the only reason we know them. We live in a small community, so we run into them, and this woman has said for 4 years now that difficult child is this girl's boyfriend and tries to encourage them to act that way, etc. The girl calls difficult child "cousin" and calls me "aunt". Anyway, difficult child doesn't like this girl being around, either, and she DID sit by him.

    Then during morning stretch, they sang a song where they walk around and do a "secret handshake" with other kids to say good morning. Only 1 other student would shake hands with difficult child.

    So he had 3 blows by 8:15, and was already anxious.

    His morning para got there at 8:30 and I left him in tears with her, fully expecting this to be "the day" the phone rang. But he turned it around. The teacher let him email me at 11:15 to tell me he was having a great day and asked for a dr pepper after school!

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    It sounds like that para must be doing wonders with him to help him turn his day around!!

    Way to go!

  3. Shari

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    That's what I'm wondering. Last year, my phone would have rang 15 times by now, I'm sure. I hope I'm not making judgement too quickly, but I think she "gets" him, and I think that will make all the difference in the world.

    If that's right, the next battle is getting her for all day!

    One step at a time.
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    So far, so good!! It sounds like there is hope!