Destined as a psychopath? Experts seek clues.

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    This is a disturbing article, but one I felt compelled to share here.
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    Interesting...I actually really believe this is true and that kids should be screened young and treatment offered.
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    //Whereas Klebold was depressive and hot-headed, Ochberg says, Harris was “cool, cold and calculating,” glib, showed little reaction to discipline and was easily able “to read people” and ingratiate himself to others.//

    My stepson is like Harris.

    //Studies show that a significant portion of children who show psychopathic traits — often referred to among researchers as “callous-unemotional (CU) traits,” which include not being concerned about others’ feelings and not feeling bad or guilty — as early as the preschool years have the same traits when they are teens. //

    Again my stepson. I remember once when stepson was seven, he was playing a video game. His 4 year old sister had a significant biking accident, and her father brought her into the house, bleeding profusely and screaming in pain and fear (her, not husband). difficult child looked at up at her, stared at her expressionless for half a second, then reached over and turned up the sound on the TV and went back to his game.

    The other three kids all jumped up, put their game controllers down and came rushing over, what happened, what happened. I'll get a towel. I'll get her pillow, I'll get her a drink. difficult child just stared at the tv, motionless, except for his thumbs moving rapidly. I was chilled to the bone.