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    my son has now been in prison for 10 days and is being detoxed from diazepam and dihydrocodiene, not pretty. Physically, he looks very well but mentally his memory is shocking. He will. All me in the morning and then again in the night and say the exact things with no recollection what so ever. I am looking forward to him being clean and of course hope he can turn things around. Struggling a little with boundaries, does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Nessie, One's mind is put through a lot when on and getting off of drugs. We have experienced what you are speaking of. Depending on how long he's been using and of course, everyone is different but for our son after a couple months in jail he seemed so much better. Nice to keep giving him support by talking, even if you are the only one who remembers most of it. He will remember you are there for support.
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    Yes have been through it - not the prison thing but detox is scary to watch. I know when my son was in detox (several times!) I wondered if he'd ever be normal. How could his brain handle all this???

    He is normal now THANK GOD but it is very scary.

    My only advice is to pray every day for him and for yourself.

    I have worked so hard on detaching and not caring and now my son is sober and I am not even sure how I feel anymore or how to act anymore. I go to church and every single sermon relates to ME. I cry so much and I can't even control it.

    Hard stuff.

    Prayers and hugs.
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    Yes mine has detoxed in prison multiple times. Horrible to watch. Difficult to live with because its out of your control. They wont listen to you saying he needs medical care. They will listen to his lawyer. Of course his lawyer won't talk to you!!!

    Record the calls. Ask your son on record about symptoms. Is he eating? Vomiting? Blood? Document all contact with anyone. Ask for jail officers names. Take all of it to his attorney to make a case that jail is ignoring his medical needs. Jail will then be forced to get a dr in to examine him. That's the best advice I can offer.

    Remember that jail/ judges don't care that he's uncomfortable or not getting the best care. You have to prove that his medical condition is dangerous, will cause long term damage, etc. Personally with my kid being a repeat visitor I would only do this if there were blood or something. You can't do this more than once.
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    While I'm not a specialist in the medical field I've gone through this several times with my son and have always been shocked at his short term memory. While not a 100% solution giving them drugs to get them off street drugs they need something to prevent from becoming dope sick. Memory problems, slurring, lack of inhabitions.....all come with the territory of detox. I pray he recovers from his drug use. I'll be thinking of you both.
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    He is almost completely off everything and did look a lot better when I saw him today, I am aware he has a very long way to go but this is progress, and mentally both he and I need it.

    I know he will serve a minimum of a year but I already feel anxious about what will happen when he is released. I’m not sure if I can manage to have him home, that of course makes me feel guilty and sad. If he doesn’t come home where will he go? Will that lead to him picking up his previous lifestyle? Is it fair to me or my family to have him back home? Aaahh feel like I can’t win and all I really want to do is recover a little knowing I can’t rescue him in prison.
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    I have been in the exact same place. My heart aches for you. The best advise I have is take one day at a time. My son was in prison for 3 years. He is now out living with a girlfriend
    They are not getting along so he is thinking about moving out. I don't know where he will go. He is 46 and I am 67. I have dealt with this for many years. I turn my worries over to God. Hugs
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    Maybe a halfway house till he gets on his feet?
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    Not really anything like this where I live, small island with population under 70,000.
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    Hi n.

    Many treatment programs and sober living homes recommend that one not go to a facility or location near friends or family. Because these can trigger use.

    You are not responsible.

    I do not believe that the majority of jail/prison staff are either heartless or uncaring. Detached? Yes.

    They cannot minister to each prisoner like a mother. Perhaps this is not in the main a bad thing.
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    The opiate detox will not kill him, though he may wish he were dead for a bit.

    The benzo detox is concerning as it can cause fatal seizures depending on how severely addicted he was.

    Benzo detox takes a long time to get over, and cognitive/memory impairment can be part of it. It usually isn't permanent, but that and other side-effects can take a LONG time to clear and there may be residual effects.

    I wish him the best of luck. He's got a rough road ahead of him; hopefully he'll come through OK.
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