Developments in the Life of Big Chief Underfoot of the Pirate Tribe

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    husband informed me yesterday that Cap'n Morgan's official tribal name is Big Chief Underfoot and he is from the Pirate Tribe.

    This cat finds some new way to be goofy every single day. I have had at least one cat all of my life after age six. I even had three strays that lived outside my dorm. I have not EVER had one this creative, determined, stubborn and weird.

    We do not use water to make him stop doing things. He likes to have it poured on him, dripped on him, or sprayed on him. We cannot pour water into his dish with-o holding him back because he puts his idiotic head in it and turns so his whole head gets wet. If we use a squirt gun or spray bottle set on stream, he opens his mouth to catch a drink. in my opinion he does this to irritate Jess. He seems to thrive on making Jess squeal.

    She is the only one who is allowed to give him treats or get his pirate ship down. He has to behave and not scratch or hurt her or he loses them. What pirate ship? A wicker laundry basket that he likes to lay in - but only if there is no blanket or cushion in it. If you turn it upside down, he likes to get up on it and sit there. Or he likes you to turn it upside down on top of him. We have laminated flooring and one of the delights of his world is to have one of us give his basket a shove so it slides. Faster the better. If it is upside down or h can find a box upside down? Nirvana for the twerpsicle. Not only does he want a ride, he will try to reach out and smack at things as he rides around. We put a couple of strings hanging down into a doorway and push him through and he 'fights' his imaginary pirate enemies. What good is it to play pirate if you cannot have a skirmish or three?

    Today he is in absolute heaven. husband is working at a meat packer for a couple of weeks until school starts. He started today. He is making jerky and he smells like it. By about seven pm husband will be frustrated because he cannot even go potty with-o the cat. Big Chief Underfoot, being the big chief, won't care. LOLOLOL
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    My parents' cat was Sir Gator Underfoot. I wonder if they're related...

    I've had some weird cats, too. Right now Squirrel thinks the almost-bald Pink Kitty is her snuggle partner. Unless Pink Kitty is awake or meowing funny.
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    Ever since I got husband I have not had a normal pet. They ALL know they can get away with anything with him. Though thank you is the one who chose Cap'n. I wanted the little black male that they had, but he was insistent.