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    How about if we set up difficult child for another neuropsychologist assessment? They will do IQ

    testing and look closely at where he falls diagnostically now. My gut
    feeling is severe ADHD. I think Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) is often over used and certainly
    there is an overlap with severe ADHD. He most certainly does not have
    full blown autism. He seems way too social to me!

    Was NewPsych going to see him back?

    If you are OK with neuropsychologist I will set this up with their office here
    at Autism center


    And my response back to her...

    I'm all for whatever we can do to know more about what
    we are dealing with and make sure he's getting what he
    needs to give him the best shot at a happy life. I
    agree with BehaviorTherapist in that I don't feel we really know
    what we are dealing with.

    He may well be ADHD, however, for me personally, its
    just not explaining other facets of his behavior -
    such as why he goes thru periods of extreme aggression
    for no apparent reason, or why I still can not go to
    work or even the grocery store and leave him at home
    instead of taking him to the sitter or school - he can
    not handle that change of routine even tho the end
    result is the same - I've left him somewhere. But the
    anxiety from that change sends him through the roof.
    Or why his sleep habits are so sporadic. And as NewPsych
    pointed out, the attention aspect of ADHD doesn't
    fit, either. Hyper and impulsive, yes, but in a
    setting where he can wiggle, his attention is not a
    problem much at all anymore (try to make him sit still
    and it becomes a problem real fast). Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) doesn't
    explain it all, either, but it catches more of the odd
    stuff he does, his early development (when he was NOT
    social), and possibly his odd attachment. B/P catches
    his aggression but not necessarily the other things.

    I don't know what it is, but I think he's had enough
    people suggesting similar things that we're doing him
    a disservice to not look into them - looking way back
    to when he was 2 and the first doctor pointed us to you.

    His brother was diagnosed ADHD and I always just felt
    that was not right, but I never questioned anyone.
    Until he was hearing voices and suicidal at 14.
    Imagine what we could have done for him if I'd have
    followed my gut when he was 8 instead of 14!

    These boys' father is still a non-functional adult.
    His parents money is the only thing that has kept him
    out of prison (and they'll be happy to agree with that
    statement). I just want my little boy to have a
    better chance in life and give him every shot I can at

    I tried to have the neuropsychologist evaluation done some time
    ago, but it was cut short and I think they focused
    exclusively on autism, which I think we all agree
    isn't the case. I am all for having another one done,
    so long as they are looking at the big picture this
    time if you want to set it up.

    He will see NewPsyche again in 3 months. He will
    continue to see BehaviorTherapist in the interim.

    On the Tenex, we're still trying to work with it.
    When I give him enough to slow him down, he's terribly
    whiney and goes to bed way too early. Even teachers
    agree, we'd rather have hyper than whiney. But so far
    I haven't been able to cut it back enough to slow him
    down with it seeming to be too much. Right now we're
    trying to work with 1/8 tablet.
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    I wish I had a dollar for every parent who has come through here having been told "too social for Autism" and then later to get the diagnosis.
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    Well, I was told that.
    What baloney.
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    Yeah, I got the :too social and too interacting. MAde me mad, because he is Aspie right down the line. It took a while, and I wonder if we hurt him with all the medications we tried. Did the best we could with what we had. It seems to be doing well now, but the "too social" is just bulls***.

    I hope the new testing can find what you are dealing with. I am sorry it has taken this long to get the help he needs. You are doing a great job advocating for him.