DGD is at rehab this afternoon


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I am not feeling very hopeful. But praying that someone, even another addict, might give her a wake up call.

She won't have her cell phone the first week. But is allowed to use a facility phone this week. We are allowed to leave messages, but unless it's important and involving her son, I don't plan on contacting.

I spent an hour picking up trash from her bedroom. And I am basically hanging up most her clothes lying around, folding jeans and t shirts and putting away. They probably aren't clean but I refuse to do her laundry.

I have no clue where all these clothes came from! And shoes! I am just lining shoes across one wall.

I am hoping GGS gets used to her being gone. He would get upset when she would leave, but I notice once she's gone he is usually ok

Will update when I know more.
A first step - no matter how small - is a first step. She is safe, in the hands of professionals, in the best place she can be. I think it takes a lot of bravery to walk through that door. I know that there is so much to overcome before taking the first step - procrastination, facing you can't just quit on your own, knowing you will be going cold turkey, the list goes on. It takes time for us moms to process it all. Today is a good day in the journey. You got her to the starting line. ❤️ I will say a prayer for you and your family.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
Good development
I hope she stays got herself and her don
Prayers for your strength


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Thinking of you and praying granddaughter is having a life changing experience and will make better choices for herself and her son in the future.