DHS cancelled and good news for a change

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by OpenWindow, Aug 18, 2008.

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    The caseworker from DHS called today and said she probably wouldn't make it to our house this afternoon. She's got an emergency foster situation.

    We talked a little and I told her the counselor wants to talk to her about her recommendation to send difficult child to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for sex offenders. She said she'd have to have me sign a release, and she'd bring it with her when she comes to visit. She asked me more about what the counselor said and then told me she's fine with whatever the counselor says. If the counselor thinks that the program he is in now will address the problem, than we should go with that. She's not going to recommend the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) unless something like this happens again, or the counselors don't think the program is helping. I asked her if she needed to talk to the counselor and she said no, not right now.

    She said if she couldn't come today she would try later this week, but her schedule looked pretty busy. She said she'd call and give me a day's warning and wouldn't just show up on my door.

    Wow. It was like talking to a different person. I called and talked to her supervisor on Friday who pretty much yelled at me and told me it didn't matter what I thought or said, that the caseworker would decide the best plan of action and there was nothing I could do about it. She said if the counselor had concerns then the counselor needed to talk to the caseworker. She didn't even let me tell her specifics or even my son's name. So I really didn't think today would go well at all. I'm wondering if she didn't talk to the caseworker about it though. I just can't explain it.

    Now we just have to worry about the hearing to fight putting his name on the registry. I'm still talking to the lawyer in case she does a complete switch-up again.

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    Linda- I'm so glad to hear that the worker is willing to consider what the counselor says. I think it will be important to be aggressive about the treatment for both kids- as I understand it, you are doing this already. You might not be able to keep his name off the registry, but really, is it the goal to have him walk away unscathed or to get adequate help for everyone involved?

    Hang in there- I can't imagine how rough this must be on you.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Sounds like good news!
  4. amazeofgrace

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    praises for good news!
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    While you're waiting to meet with her, get a letter from the counselor with suggestions/recommendations. I've found that what a social worker says and what a social worker does can be very different. It is not that uncommon to say whatever to appease a parent so that they can do what they want without a lot of arguing ahead of time. Sorry.

    Regardless, an official letter from a therapist does hold weight.
  6. timer lady

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    Linda, good news.....however I agree with meowbunny. Get all the recommendations from counselor in writing, along with any other professionals that may have a differing view on this situation.

    I'm glad that you're getting a bit of a break.
  7. OpenWindow

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    Thank you all.

    I'm pretty sure this did put a good scare in difficult child. It didn't seem to affect him until we told him that there's a possibility of him being sent away. He also knows the police in our town have received a report and could show up any day to talk to him and us. We told him his name was going to be put on the registry and that doesn't mean a thing to him, good or bad. And, I'm still not sure how long his name will be on the list, who will have access to it, and if it follows him to adulthood or is sealed.

    Thanks for the tip to get it in writing from the counselor, I sent an email off a few minutes ago.

    It feels good to relax a little bit, but I know it's far from over.