DHS visit went well

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by OpenWindow, Aug 26, 2008.

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    We've been without internet since a lightning storm on Friday - I don't know how I've survived! Finally, it's back.

    Our caseworker came Friday and everything went fine. She's going to try to get a special evaluation from Children's Hospital we were requesting. Other than that, she said everything looks fine. We are sticking with the safety plan and both difficult child and easy child are getting counseling. She said again that she would not be recommending the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for sexual offenders. She said she's not used to working with parents who are as on top of things as we are.

    She was here for 15 minutes, and left. She said she would come back after the evaluation was done depending on what the results were.

  2. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad the meeting went so well!
  3. mrscatinthehat

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    So glad things went well.

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    When DHS entered our home, we had the same response & an offers of help & services you wouldn't believe. One SW commented (offside) it was fun to actually do her "job"; offer services to parents who are really trying with their difficult children.

    I don't know if that was judgmental or not but I appreciated that comment & the same applies to you & your husband. You both have done well in dealing with a very difficult, ugly situation.

    Please keep us updated on the evaluation & other developments. AND take care of yourself.
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Linda, that ROCKS!!!! So happy that this is over. I know first had what jerks CPS can be, glad you had a kind worker who could see what good parents you are! (((Hugs)))
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    I know this was weighing heavily on your mind. I'm glad it went well and the worker was supportive. It's great when we get positive feedback on our parenting. Now some of the really hard work will begin...... Keep us posted.

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    So glad things went well. Sounds like the worker really understood how hard you have worked. My sw has told me the same thing. How unfortunate for most of these kids, they are basically left alone to battle their demons. I truly thought what I was doing for my difficult child was the norm. I mean isn't it our responsibility as parents to make sure our children get what they need, no matter how dyer the circumstances? Over the years I have met a number of children who were neglected/abused and end up in the system mostly due to their parents choices. Heck, I have even taken in a few.

    Anyway, I am so glad everything is looking up for you. I remember reading your fist few posts regarding this and you were a nervous wreck!! I hope you are able to relax a bit now and exhale. :)

    Keep us posted.
  8. OpenWindow

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    Thanks guys. I do feel like things are looking up. difficult child will be able to get the help he needs, and most likely he won't have to be sent to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). husband isn't happy that he has to get yet another evaluation, but he's not arguing about it anymore. My easy child has started counseling, and while she's still not talking about what her brother did to her, I really like her counselor who seems to be very experienced with this kind of thing. It won't be too long before easy child opens up.

    On a good note, difficult child has gotten nothing but good reports from school. They have allowed him to ride the regular bus in the morning (instead of the "short bus") and he has had no issues. He's doing so well, they decided to put him in the regular classroom for social studies, so now he's in 4 regular classes, and in the resource room the rest of the day. At home, he's being much nicer to his sister with much less threats - not perfect, but soooo much better than the last year.
  9. Fran

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    What good news. I know this was a huge worry.
    I hope this reprieve allows difficult child to get services and a
    chance to right the wrong behavior.
    At least all of you have a chance to re evaluate what needs
    to be done.
    Hope the evaluations bring about services.