Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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    You may remember me mentioning this before, but this is the first book that manster ever asked us to buy and picked up to read for pleasure without being begged or bribed lol.

    We're excited because the author will be here in town to do a book signing on Monday so we can a signed copy of the new book, the 4th one in the series. We heard on the radio that this book is the most popular book for adult men right now and they are looking to make a move out of it. Maybe I can find out how to get manster casted for the roll lol. J/K.

    Also, does anyone have any ideas for filling Valentine's gift bags for 10 year old boys. I don't want to put in candy.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    My difficult child, at 13, loves the books too. We are doing a special book fair at difficult child's school now - the Scholastic Urban book fair - it features lots of value priced and bargain books - as well as best sellers that have been binded especially for this fair with an arrangment between the publishers and scholastic! The newest and the 3rd are available in paperback! It's all about finding something they are really interested in. My difficult child, who normally doesn't like reading, loves graphic novels about WWI and WWII. Fortunately, his school library has a great supply of these.

    Gift bag ideas - sugarless bubblegum, go someplace like party city and get little parachute men, those little put together wooden or foam airplanes, silly putty, airplanes, yoyos, little plastic flashlights, cool super balls, cool pencils, silly string, key chain, comic books, .....

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    Sharon thank you for the gift bag ideas! The other thought I have was $5 target cards. That sounds like a lot but once you get the bags and the goodies you're talking $5 anyway. What do you think about that idea?
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    If you are willing to spend up to $5 on each student, you can also try a trip to the dollar store. We did this for Christmas - difficult child picked out items for each student in his classroom. He choose nutcrackers for the boys (he has started his own nutcracker collection) and stuffed monkeys for the girls.

    How exciting to get an autograph from the Wimpy Kid author. It is also about the only book my difficult child loves to read.