Did Everyone Make It Through Halloween?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Nov 1, 2011.

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    I know that days like this can be very difficult for difficult children. I was just wondering how everyone made out. Our difficult child has not gone trick or treating for the last two years, which actually makes trick or treating much more enjoyable when it's only easy child. He prefers to stay home. If Either husband or I stay home with him we let him answer the door and give out candy to the kids that come around. Since we both went with easy child yesterday, he just hung out at home until we got back. I don't want him answering the door if there are no adults home with him.
  2. AnnieO

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    Yup... I took Jett out to a friend's town on Saturday, so last night husband took the two of us to see Puss in Boots. There were (including us) maybe 7 people in the theater!
  3. tiredmommy

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    Yes.... Duckie did very well (she's gone with the same friends each year since kindergarten). There were some changes to the original plan since some other girls joined in, but they all had fun. :)
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    It was a horrible night here ... My difficult child NEVER does well with Halloween. He decided last minute to go out trick or treating and grabbed a large green trashbag ??? He was a trash man ???

    Anyhow, he came home with husband and easy child and just melted down, said some incredibly nasty stuff to husband and threatened to move out !!!

    Sucky, Sucky, night !! Hope you all had fun !!! LOL
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    Well, having said that trick or treating is non-existent here, in fact a group of children aged around 10 or 11 did knock at the door in disguises (they were the only ones). They asked for sweets of course, which created the dilemma of what to do - the only sweets in the house were J's! He reluctantly sacrificed five sweets from his cache in the cause of neighbourly relations. Other than that, he had a great day at the activity centre dressing up and doing halloween related things. When were sweets (=candy) introduced into halloween, I wonder?
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    Centuries ago. Ppl used to put out sweet baked goods as a "bribe" to keep the spirits away. Ppl also dressed as "spirits" so the real ones would not know they were ppl and take them away, so the ppl dressed as the spirits would go around collecting all the baked treats. Fast forward to modern day, prepackaged candy is easier and safer.

    Our TorT went quite well. Down side for me, was noticing all the Aspie *traits* I had missed in DD1 which I had chalked up to anxiety or a foul mood. The most obvious for many (not for me possibly because I was raised by a very mono-tonal Aspie) was her voice. Three little girls walked up to EVERY house chanting Trick or Treat in those precious sing songy voices. :choir: Right along side them was DD1 in a very gruff, flat, seemingly not having fun, mono-tonal TRICK OR TREAT:groan: Yeah, sounded like she was groaning - EVERY time. :sigh: At least now I know and am perceiving her correctly (I hope)
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    Halloween for the past few years has been hard...due to P being grounded it seems every year! Grades usually come out around Halloween and this year it was the same story....D's. Ugh....so I told P that we were not taking him to the party he had been invited to so he left at 4:00....husband came home and we gritted thru trying not to call him. But about 10:30 we caved. He had found a ride to the party then he hung up. Husband got in the car and went to see if he could find him.

    One more step to changing his environment as soon as we get the word from the school that there is a spot available. I knew this would be the road we would be on but it is hard playing the waiting game. He is not going to change....not here with us...we can't do it, he won't do it or a combo of both plus more. But we are in way over our head. So here we are -- waiting. And sadly, waiting gives us time to chicken out but I have to have strength. We have given this our best shot...I am going to tatoo that on my wrist. Ugh!


    Keista - I can really relate to what you said about recognizing certain traits. Last night I saw his out-of-proportion fears, his inability to read social cues, and his total intolerance to the least bit of frustration. I wonder why we doubt what we already know in the first place.

    beachbeanb (sorry, I don't know your name)...I can TOTALLY relate to how you're feeling and your constant need to remind yourself that you've done the best you can. For some reason, I beat myself up continuously about what I have done that I shouldn't have done, what I haven't done that I should have, etc. I don't know if I'll ever believe it's not my fault or that I don't have the power to change things. It's heartbreaking. I might get that same tatoo...lol. Hang in there.