Did I jinx myself?

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    I must've jinxed myself with my last posting... B2 has really had a rough couple of days. Yesterday was exceptionally difficult and I question weather the medication is working very well or it could just be that we took him to the mall and he was over stimulated. At this time I am not sure which! He went into a full blown tantrum just because FF1 took B1 to the bathroom and B2 wanted to go to, but FF1 told him he had to stay with- me. He was hitting, kicking, scratching, screaming and spitting at me! This went on for proabbly 5 minutes until FF1 returned and then magically he stopped... I got pretty mad @ FF1 though because he began coddling him when I was trying to discipline him! The only reason we went to the mall today was to buy the kids shoes for school and when we went to the shoe store both B1 & B2 kept running around the store and after being asked repeatedly to stop we finally had to leave with-o purchasing any shoes (which in turn made FF2 extremely upset at me because we drove sooo far to go there, etc, etc, etc.) He was going to give them another chance (even though they already HAD 6 or 7 chances to comply) and I put my foot down and said we are going home! This of course sent B2 into another full blown rage - I ended up having to carry him to the car kicking, scratching, hitting me in the face and screaming all because FF1 was mad at me and wouldn't help!

    This morning also has not been good so far... He has ready had 3 time outs for hitting and throwing toys. Each time I put him in time out he would go into a fit of rage (kicking, spitting, screaming and refusing to sit in the chair - even as I was sitting with- him the rage even escalated). I am wondering if I should call the therapist to see if I can try to get him an appointment today to see him - he already has an appointment on Thursday, but if he continues with these rants I may need to try to have him seen sooner. FF1 called from work during the middle of one of the episodes to tell me that he got tickets for the Whitecaps baseball game (minor league team here in town) for tonight - I laughed and said have fun with- B1 because I won't be taking Jacob to a place like that! with- B2 acting this way I don't think it would be wise to leave him with- a babysitter because he probably would throw a fit about not going when we leave! B2 seems like he is calm right now, but who know what little thing may set him off today - I think we will just stay at home :confused:
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    Hey! Sorry I've been amongst the missing as of late...it's been totally nvts around here!

    I think your assessment of "overstimulating" is a great observation. Even if your kids were without "issues", a mall is full of different inputs that your children are used to. If b2 has any type of sensory issues, you're talking all 5 senses being stimulated at once in a mall. There are different sounds, tastes, smells, things to touch and see all crammed into a second of walking into the building. Add to that a long drive and you've got a recipe for disaster.

    I have a feeling that since ff1 is working 2 jobs, these jaunts are hard to deal with as well. Let's face it...you're the Mom - you're used to it! ;) That's most likely why he wanted to try and compromise soooo much. He probably didn't want you to face the task yourself OR wanted to do the family togetherness thing.

    Are there any big box stores closer to home like Target or Kmart or Walmart? It might be easier with a shorter ride and then ff1 take one child to wander through the store while you buy shoes for the other and then swap. You buy shoes for the other while ff1 wanders with the one who'd already gotten his shoes.

    Just keep in mind: he's 3 1/2 - medications or not, he's still a little boy that's going to act up from time to time.

    Keep the faith! Feel better - you didn't jinx it!
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    It takes a little time to get a feel for the medications, and even then expect some behavior.

    When it's necessary to shop with a young, difficult child it's a good idea to take them alone without any siblings. Hit up the one store and then go home.
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    Also, I thought to mention that often I'd go out on a scouting trip to stores first so I could narrow it down and make it less likely to need to go elsewhere.