Did I Meet One Of You Last Week???


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Last week I was talking to a spine surgeon because I have a bulging cervical disc and pinched nerve with degenerative disc disease. New, painful, not so fun experience for me. I hurt myself with the weights at the gym!

Anyway, I was speaking to the lady that schedules surgeries. I was in her office for awhile. She was very pleasant and I really can't remember how it came up, but she was telling me about her son who was in prison for selling drugs and I told her about my difficult child and our experiences. I almost never share our "adventures" with our difficult child, especially with strangers!

That was really amazing! I felt so comfortable talking with her and obviously she with me. She offered me comfort and understanding and I felt that I offered her comfort and understanding. When our "business" was finished, she stood up, opened her arms and wrapped them around me and wished me peace. She gave me her cell phone number and said to call her anytime I wanted to talk. You know, I wouldn't normally do it because I am a more reserved person around strangers, but when my life settles down a bit, I think I am going to call her and see if she wants to go to lunch. We don't even have to talk about our difficult child's, she just seemed like such a nice woman!


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How nice it is when we run upon someone like that who also understands!

I have done that a few times too. Oddly enough, one time was while I was having a nuclear stress test and was in the xray machine for a long time and the technician stayed to talk to me. We talked about everything and our kids came up. While mine are grown, hers were still fairly young and quite the handful...lol.

My therapist also completely understands difficult child's because she has one herself which is one of the things I love about her.

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It's so nice when you can connect with someone like that. I hope you do give her a call in the future. I think it would be good for both of you.

I had that happen with a fellow student at the college. Her difficult child was young and floundering, out of control, docs giving her the run around. She'd believed for years she was just a horrible parent.

Then I gave my presentation on Travis' medication history. I nearly backed out of the paper twice. The subject, especially the early years, is not a pleasant one. She had tears in her eyes once I'd finished, and had asked tons of questions. After class she met up with me and I gave her as much info as I could, and directed her to all of the help I knew was available in our area. You could see the relief on her face.

No one ever knows how many lives they touch throughout a lifetime.


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What a nice story. Do call her. It is isolating and lonely to parent a difficult child. I'll bet she needed to talk to you as much as you needed to talk to her. I hope you have made a new friend.



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at our dental office I have a grp of very close patients who have confided in me about their difficult children-some are over 50. we always commisserate when we see one another.