Did I mention we're all sick?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Mar 27, 2013.

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    And difficult child 1's nightly chore is dishes. The two are related. He has been putting dishes away without washing them! Amazingly he is the only one who hasn't gotten it. We're going on 2 weeks now of throw up and diarrhea. Every time someone makes a sick mess here I get mad at difficult child 1 all over again. Which doesn't do any one any good so I stuff my feelings and vent to you.

    I might need to do paper stuff for awhile while I get this under control.

    And he got in a fight today at school. It was with another Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) boy that he is very good friends with. No punches were thrown. There was lots of yelling and throwing things, in the middle of class. I'm sure there were a few students hit by accident. difficult child 1 and the other boy have already said sorry and think everything is fine. The school is going to try to make this a teaching moment. I hope it works. It started over both of them being inflexible.

    He had parent teacher conferences tonight. He is doing much better behavior wise in his classes. Academically he is doing better too. His grades aren't better, but I have been swamped at home and not able to check on his grades. He has made sure he is passing in all his classes. If a class gets about a D- he goes to the teacher himself to get his grade up. This is a first for him.
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    Ugh! I'm sorry that everyone is sick. I would be pretty annoyed with him, too. Hopefully, everyone gets over this sooner rather than later.

    if he's trying in school and his grades are up and is behavior in the classroom is better, I call that progress. Try to take that and hold onto it as a good step in the right direction and praise him for it. Everyone being sick will pass. His doing better in school can be something that he carries with him and hopefully remember.
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    Ewwwww! I'd be furious!
    Paper plates are a GREAT idea!
    Feel better. {{hugs}}
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    Personally, I'd give him another chore rather than risk this happening again. I've had PCs who tried to cheat on washing the dishes, same as your difficult child. I'd rather do something that critical myself. I'm sure he can clear and wash the table or mop t he floor. Less of a risk he can get somebody sick. I don't think kids think that much about germs, even many PCs.
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    We use paper plates at our house* have for the past two and a half years * I always check the other dishes too~ what they think is clean, probably differs from you think is clean*
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    How are you feeling?
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    *Very tired but other wise ok. The kids are getting thier energy back as well. I can tell they still don't feel good because difficult child 2 and 3 are sticking everything in their mouths, are very grouchy, and sensory seeking. Elsie and Buster still have tummy problems. This has probably set her potty training back.

    but they are getting better. They keep changing if they want to be sick or not. If they don't want to work they are sick. If they want to eat something they aren't ready for they are healthy. Typical cute little kid stuff.

    I'm not looking forward to getting them back on their routines. It is going to be lots of meltdowns.

    Thanks for asking.
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    Improvement...., yay! But i can see how getting back to normal will be rough. You are amazing.
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    Glad there is some progress. I've thought of you and yours often this week. by the way, I am also a huge fan of paperplates. I use them for food prep (veg, fruit and meat prep). I also use heavy duty alum foil (double wrapped and with the edges up) for almost all baking and grilling. It "may" cost a little more to use these conveniences but having so little cleanup at the end of the meal makes it well worth it. Lots of time is saved, alot of hot water and soap is saved and most of all my energy level is protected. Many hugs. DDD