Did I miss it? How did Jenn's biopsy go?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Shari

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    Maybe I missed it. My easy child is SOOOOO slow righ tnow...must get it in to be fixed....
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    Thanks, that's nice of you. My biopsy went ok, results in week and a half. I"m in alot of pain though, was up all night on and off. Dr. said this morning have to go for sono to see what's going on in their, she doens't want to wait for results. She doesn't think this is an infection, she doens't know what it is. She said "we'll figure it out". LOL. So, 12 days after reg. cycle i'm back in it again worse than ever. They may schedule dnc to stop bleeding if it doesn't get under control. She offered pain medication, but i don't want to be high so i'm taking advil.

    If it wasnt' for severe pain in cervix area, and a whole lot of other strange symptoms low grade fever, lower back pain feeling like a truck ran me over I wouldn't think anythinig major. I'd just think ok i'm totally menopausal. This must just be super early.

    So, I just have to wait it out. Anyway, how are you?? LOL :)

    I said ok advil works for reg menstral pain how do we handle inside pain??? ugh!!!!!!
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    I am glad the doctor doesn't want to wait. You may be able to get medicare or medicaid to pay for this - it would be worth calling to get the forms. I know when I needed the hysterectomy the medicaid people said to have the surgery and have the hospital sw do the forms - it wouldn't be approved until AFTER the surgery. But then they said it had to be approved before the surgery, so I have no idea the protocol. But call and ask. Your doctor may also charge a lower fee because you are paying for it rather than having an insurance co involved. I know my doctor gets $20 out of me, the paperwork says the fee is usually about $112, and ins pays $30 - the rest of the $112 is written off. So you can get maybe half or more knocked off if you push after the fact. It is worth asking about.

    I am sorry you are hurting. Call the doctor and ask for her to call in that pain medication. At least to take at night so you can sleep. That kind of pain is NO FUN and is scary too. Can't be helping the anxiety, or anything else. I hope you can go do your new job.


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    yes we shall see. i already put the forms in. We are already wiping out all other possibilities. If it was changes, i'd not be in pain, if it were infection i'd not be going through this. she's basically giving me sono to see if it's ovarian cancer. My anxiety believe it or not is ok. I"m good in stressful situations lol.

    Well, their being good wiht me so far i've only spent 200. If it is that i sure do hope we catch it early. so it's treatable. wow. that would **** alot. i am ******. I"m going for sonogram at 1 today. fun, fun.