Did I shoot my big mouth off too soon ?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, Sep 10, 2010.

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    difficult child started back to school on Tuesday. On Wednesday I emailed his teacher and let him know of difficult child's diagnosis of ADHD. ( I left out the ODD, as he does not display ODD behaviors at school)

    Anyhow, I feel somewhat bad that I had to "label" difficult child or sound negative so soon, but I wanted to give the teacher a heads up and let him know husband and I are active and supportive with difficult child's needs.

    difficult child's teacher emailed me back and was grateful for the info and asked any strategies we use at home etc ....

    I gave him as much info as I could and my heart tells me I did the right thing but sometimes as we all know, teachers label and have predisposed notions about kids with issues.

    Well I guess we shall see.....:confused:
  2. aeroeng

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    If you have a good teacher you did the right thing. The teacher can not help him if she/he does not have any information about him or his problems. There are a lot of strategies a good teacher can use that will support the ADHD. Unfortunately there a few teachers who do develop preconceived ideas about the kids, but those teachers would never work out for you regardless. Does he have an IEP? ADHD is a valid disability. An IEP would define what types of services and support he should receive.
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    Nope. You did the right thing. Not too much info, just enough for a heads-up. The teacher needs tools.
    Way To Go.