Did you ever wonder...


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...that maybe you're the one who is wrong? That maybe you're the one with the malfunction because everyone is looking at you like you're the crazy son of a biscuit expecting everyone to live up to better standards and stuff?

Good gawd, I have lost my mind with these people. My B basket (not necessarily important stuff) has been swept away with the wind, and I'm about to burn my A basket (emergencies only...B basket items need not apply).

It's like I'm fighting with everyone every...single...freaking...day, and I'm fed up. I am not a nagger by nature, but I find myself having to keep my thumb on everyone. Holy mother of cows!!! SS10, would you stop being defiant and please do what I ask instead of the complete opposite. SS6, did you put on your eczema cream because you're starting to look like a zombie or a leper at the very least?! Dear husband, why are you still in bed when you have to be at work, and I need you to drop your kids off at school because some malnourished magical fairies ate all the cereal and bread in the house over night! J, what do you mean you didn't finish your court ordered community service that was due today...you had 60 days to do it!

I want to run away. Can I? Please, please pleaaaassse?

/end rant

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Sending you some calgon dear, take a mini vacay, and a nice long soak.
Calgon Commercial 1988

What a magician you are Roxona. A juggler, juggling so many things.

This is for you sister, a medal of honor in recognition of all you do for your family.

Please make sure you do something good for YOU!



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Hi Roxana

What would happen if you stopped nagging and ran yourself a sweet-smelling bath, lit a candle, got a good book*, some earplugs and chocolate and locked the bathroom door?

You need some 'me-time'.

You're trying to be superwoman to all these step-kids. Your husband needs to step-up and you need to step-back.

I'd chuck both baskets in the trash.


* My favourite book:

pigless in VA

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Ah, yes. I remember those days. I clearly remember wanting to go check in to an assisted living facility. Roxona, you can have a not listening to them day. I did that once. My family was shocked. "What? You wanted peanut butter and jelly for lunch? I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. You can't find your socks? I'm sorry, I can't hear you . . ."

It didn't really fix anything, but it was fun - for me anyway.

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Roxona-wow I'm exhausted just reading this...you are truly a hero. Although you may feel no one appreciates your effort, face it, you are only ONE woman. This scenario sounds like it needs a whole team to address it. Take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time. Most of our children will never understand our efforts/exhaustion.
you can have a not listening to them day.
My older kids remind me to this day that I always said, "I'm sorry- your mom is gone on vacation". While I don't think I said it that often, I do know it was wishful thinking....ok, maybe I did say it alot, those days are kinda fuzzy in my memories for which I'm thankful. Motherhood in any form is not for the weak, is it? Don't be too hard on yourself. Prayers.


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How satisfying would it be to smack hubby and a couple of the older kids upside the head and yell "Snap out of it!" Yeah, you've got some boundaries to establish, then work on getting them honored. Sometimes it's just easier to do it all yourself, but I think you're seeing that it's not possible for very long before you become really burned out. And besides that, it's not fair.


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Thanks everyone! You all made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :group-hug:

I try real hard to do things just for myself. This evening after I made dinner, I went out into the backyard and continued weeding the back flower bed. I'm in the middle of redesigning it. Last year was demo, replanting some of the older rose bushes, and adding some new ones. This year I'm working on adding perennials. No one likes to garden (except SS10 but he's not allowed because he won't stop talking and telling me what I should do!). The garden is my sanctuary...and so is my sewing loft...and my kitchen. No boys allowed! Well, except for my dog and cats, but they're not boys...anymore. LOL!

Hubby got mad at me this morning for asking why he was still in bed and I glared at him. Tonight he did the dishes for me while I was out in the garden. ;)

pigless in VA

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That's what I used to do. The kids were too young for me to actually leave the house. I spent many hours in the garden, close enough to provide help for Candy, far enough that Ferb was not rattling my ears off. Whatever helps keep you sane. Within reason, of course. I had a lot of fantasies involving duct tape that would have been frowned upon.