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    Did you know that of all the substances, alcohol is the only one that can kill you when you are going through withdrawal? Other drugs are miserable and horrible, but the withdrawal will not kill you. Stopping the abuse of alcohol REQUIRES a doctor's supervision because it is very possible to die from your body not having alcohol in it.

    I was watching Rehab with Dr. Drew and he said that. It surprised me so I did some online searching and this IS true.

    Please remember this as you go through substance abuse issues with your loved ones.
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    difficult child's rehab told me that too.
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    Yes - my father was a major alcoholic. When he was in hospice for lung cancer, they let him have his beer. They said the alcohol withdrawal would have killed him faster than the lung cancer... :(
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    I did not know that!! I always thought herion or cocaine were the really scarey ones to try to kick.

    PG - I did not think of that - my grandfather was in a nursing home and they also allowed family to bring him a beer each day - they did say at his age and medical problems it didn't hurt as much as not having one.
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    Actually withdrawal from benzodiazapines like valium and xanax and barbituates like seconal can also be fatal. Barbituates are rarely used now days as they have largely been replaced by benzodiazapines. GHB withdrawal can also be fatal.

    Heroin withdrawal, although incredibly uncomfortable, is only life threatening if the addict has other health problems that may be exacerbated by the with-d, like liver problems in addicts with hepatitis or seizures.

    Cocaine, meth, and crack withdrawal are almost entirely mental. The physical results of suddenly stopping these drugs include sleeping for days and waking up hungry.

    Alcohol, GHB, benzos and barbituate addicts should always consult their doctor before suddenly stopping because of the high risk of fatal withdrawal effects.
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    I didn't know that either. Thanks!