Did you know.....



that a sealed, individual serving of applesauce won't splatter when accidentally dropped on the floor.....

....but when SLAMMED onto the floor it will make it 2/3 of the way up the wall?

Did you know....that kittens like applesauce?


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Since I know that you didn't slam the applesauce against the floor I have to assume that your difficult child is having a moment.

At least the kitten is there to clean up for you. :rofl:



Mom? What's a difficult child?
I did not know that. But thank you.

Did you know, that even if you make S'mores outside and last night... marshmallow is still sneeking it's way into diapers, couches, hair, walls... it has a life of it's own. :future:


I'm just trying to become invisible. It's not working. It's that TOM and I try to avoid direct eye contact with difficult child at that time. I'm afraid I might get turned to stone or something. :hypnosis:

She was less than impressed when I told her to make sure she got it all when she cleaned it up.

So, marshmallow is like The Blob? I'll keep that in mind. :wink:


A couple of months ago, during difficult child's TOM, she made some slice and bake cookies. There were 9 cookies and she announced that we each get 3. Make no mistake, this was NOT a request.

easy child came down from his room and grabbed a cookie. difficult child demanded to know how many cookies he had. easy child replied, "Four". I swear smoke came out of difficult child's ears and her eyes turned red. I slinked down, trying to become one with the chair. She screamed, "NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO ME!!!!" and stomps up to her room.

Stomp, stomp, stomp...SLAM!!! easy child takes a bite of the cookie, looks at me and says, "This is my first cookie." :rofl:

NOW you know why I really like the flashlight idea. Payback. :rofl:


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lol, i love threads like this. its so nice to get a humor break just when you really need it!

I know dogs make it up 2/3 of the wall when needed. If you ever want to borrow one, I have a cute yellow lab just waiting for an applesauce treat!


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Very cute - I love your coping skill. I try to find the 'funny' in situations where it isn't always obvious!

I can just picture the kitten!!

Yeah, our difficult child can give me the stare, too. I'm pretty much immune to it at this point.

Hmmm, I'm suddenly hungry for apple sauce . . . . . :wink:

Hound dog

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Hmmmmm. Now you know why I have 3 dogs. :blush: :rofl:

Oh, and boy do I recall those TOM deadly glares. Made me wonder what on earth I'd ever wanted girl babies for. :nonono:

Thankfully it does tend to improve with age.

Good thing you've got a great sense of humor though, you're gonna need it. :wink: