Did you "win" the Superbowl yesterday?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by BestICan, Feb 4, 2008.

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    BestICan This community rocks.

    - You get 5 points if your difficult child had a 1/2 hour long screaming tantrum because the Patriots lost.
    - Add 5 more points if difficult child didn't actually watch any football ALL SEASON LONG except the last few minutes of this game.
    - Another 5 points if difficult child called you an idiot somewhere in the middle of that tantrum, as if you had something to do with the outcome of the game.
    - Add 5 points if difficult child described losing in ways that are outside the realm of reason: losing makes the losers look ridiculous, the only thing that matters is the trophy, refusing to even look at the losing team
    -And, finally, you get 10 points if you forced your difficult child to watch the interview with the losing coach, to give him a taste of good sportsmanship...and the coach was surly and horrible, thus ruining your little life lesson! AAAAAAggggh!

    Hey, I win! 30 points!
  2. house of cards

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    Now would have you been a sore sport if you didn't WIN??? I don't think so. I like your sense of humor, sorry adults sometimes aren't very adultish (is that a word)
  3. SRL

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    Declaring yourself the winner without hearing the competition? Tsk, tsk...

    I think I deserve bonus points because my 14 year old easy child lost it. Yes that's easy child!!!--he was scheduled to take a math test today and blew off my suggestions that he study throughout the weekend. At 4pm yesterday I checked his math grade online and made the decision that not only would he not be going to the super bowl party, he wouldn't even watch the SB at home, because he would be studying instead. He tantrumed like I haven't seen him in years: door slamming, yelling, even telling me that he hated me. I had to keep from laughing when he'd worked through it far enough to yell "I know I need to study but I can't let Mom win this!!!!". It was ugly--he got a 50% on the practice test and started a second round of tantruming around 10 pm. I'm guessing the test will be put off tomorrow so I'm vying for some extra credit because we'll get to do it all over again.

    I had just taken dinner and snacks downstairs and the game was starting when difficult child threw easy child Sr. down to the ground and thumped her hard on the back. I never did figure out what it was about but he didn't show one iota of remorse. He was banned to his room until around half time.